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UK study: vaccinated at higher risk of infection, death

By Hatrick Penry


A September 3rd, 2021 study from the United Kingdom titled ‘SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England: Technical Briefing 22’ reveals a higher instance of infection and death from COVID for those who have been vaccinated with 1 or more doses than those who were unvaccinated.

The 32 page report is produced by Public Health England which is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in England. Interestingly enough PHE is slated for closure in September, 2021 according to Wikipedia.

The data of particular interest can be found on pages 21 and 22 of the report in the form of a table denoting ‘Attendance to emergency care and deaths of sequenced and genotyped Delta cases in England by vaccination status
(1 February 2021 to 29 August 2021)

(Below: UK Delta variant infections from 2/1/21 to 8/29/21)

There are myriad statistics that can be derived from this study but let’s have a look at the fundamentals: let us compare the numbers of infected who received one or more doses vs. the numbers of infected who received no dose at all. When we do this we must count the three columns that indicate 1 or more doses (27,993+80,877+113,823=222,693) and compare and contrast with the numbers of infected who did not receive a dose (219,716). The result is obvious: more people were infected by COVID who had one or more doses of the vaccine. In fact 2,977 more people were infected after having 1 or more doses than those who remained unvaccinated.

“You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations” – President Joe Biden

Now let’s have a look at the numbers of those who died as a result of COVID who had one or more doses of vaccine vs. those who died of COVID who were unvaccinated:

(Below: UK Delta variant fatalities from 2/1/21 to 8/29/21 (a continuation of the table above found on page 22 of the study))

Following the method utilized above in our examination of infections, we want to compare the number of fatalities of those who received one or more doses of vaccine vs. the number of fatalities among the unvaccinated. To do this we add the 3 columns of numbers of those who received one or more doses and died (16+126+1,091=1233) and compare to the number of the unvaccinated who died (536). What we see is staggering: 697 more people died from COVID within that time period who had received one or more doses of vaccine than those who were unvaccinated.

From a statistical standpoint, by the numbers, it appears that the COVID-19 vaccines do more harm than good. And this report begs these questions:

  1. Are U.S. authorities providing false data for their claims of a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’? If not then why the difference between this study and what our government and the ‘experts’ are telling us?
  2. Are the vaccines causing the variants?
  3. Had we relied on our natural immune systems and herd immunity would there be so many dangerous variants or variants at all?
  4. Had we relied on our natural immune systems how many less infections would there have been? How many less deaths?
  5. How could the clinical vaccine trials have produced data that is in such contradiction to this study?


“This is a simple, basic proposition: If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in an ICU unit, and you’re not going to die” – President Joe Biden  

One BIG reason the U.S. lacks enough ICU beds for COVID patients

By Hatrick Penry


Dear reader;

I keep hearing on the news how ICU beds at American hospitals are overflowing with unvaccinated COVID patients and that it is entirely the fault of the unvaccinated.

When I hear this I hearken back to President Eisenhower’s farewell address where he warned about the military industrial complex and how much we were spending on defense and to wage foreign wars. President Eisenhower pointed out that each battleship we built cost the equivalent of a new hospital. He warned about the military industrial complex, how big it had grown and how much treasure it consumed each year. Treasure that could not be spent here at home on things such as hospitals or schools because it was being allocated to the military industrial complex.

This was Eisenhower’s point: money spent building battleships is money that cannot be spent on building hospitals.

(Below: the USS Zumwalt (construction began in 2009) was built at a cost of around $4 billion dollars per ship. The Iowa class battleship (built from 1940-44) cost approximately $100 million dollars per ship)

Now fast forward to the year 2021. The Afghanistan war (an illegal war) of 20 years has come to an end. President Biden has publicly stated that U.S. taxpayers spent over 2 trillion dollars to finance the war. A quick check on the internet reveals that the cost of a hospital to be built (in the year 2021) ranges from 60 million to 187.5 million.

Let’s go on the high side and say it costs $200 million to build a hospital at current market rates. Now divide that into the $2 trillion spent in Afghanistan and we end up with the figure of 10,000.

That is 10,000 hospitals that could have been built instead of waging an illegal war in a foreign land; something our founding fathers warned us about.

“America… goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.” -John Adams

But let’s lowball these numbers and say we could have built 5,000 hospitals instead of financing a failure of a 20 year war overseas. Do you think 5,000 hospitals could have eased our current ICU bed overload?

How sleazy and unfair it is to blame the unvaccinated for our current hospital crisis. Is it not our leaders who decided to spend money on endless foreign wars instead of building hospitals (and schools, roads and bridges for that matter) here at home? Is it not a failure of government when a choice is made between building engines of war instead of hospitals of healing?

Do Americans have any fault in our current hospital crisis? Did we stand by and let corrupt politicians spend out tax money on bombs and guns instead of doctors or teachers?

It’s obvious to me that, like the Afghanistan war, our corrupt Federal government has also been a complete failure for many, many years. The problem is systemic. It’s not something we can vote our way out of. Something needs to change and that change has to first manifest in the mentality of the American public. We need to not just talk about becoming a kinder, gentler nation but actually take action to show we have had a change of heart and that we really are a more compassionate people.

In summation: it is grossly unfair to blame unvaccinated Americans for our lack of ICU beds in our nation’s hospitals when our government squandered trillions of taxpayer dollars on failed foreign wars. Trillions that could have easily been spent on hospitals, housing and mental health care for our homeless, schools and teacher salaries, rebuilding infrastructure such as bridges and roads, feeding hungry Americans etc.

It seems to me the question that we face is a simple one: do we want to build more battleships or more hospitals?


SARS-cov-2 is not a novel virus: 73 patents before 2009

Dear reader;

In the video linked below you will find Dr. David Martin exposing the trail of corona virus related patents since 2009 and subsequent RICO act violations of conspiracy, racketeering and collusion.

There are over 4,000 patents relating to corona virus and 73 are of critical importance to understanding who is behind the COVID plandemic. To follow the money, you have to follow the patents.

Please watch this video before it is removed from YouTube and in the meantime I am working hard to transcribe all the important points Dr. Martin makes during his 60 minute presentation. A future article will include relevant information in written form.

Please circulate this video and information far and wide.

All credit goes to Dr. David Martin. His work speaks for itself.


David E. Martin testifies at the German Corona Inquiry Committee July 9th, 2021

Other important information:

The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier written by Dr. David Martin

COVID-19: New Information, Questions and Conclusions

By Hatrick Penry


In a previous article I asked if anyone could prove COVID was real in the form of an isolate/purification and/or by way of providing a reliable sequence to the genome. This question and challenge were prompted by:

a) The RT-PCR test recall that has not been covered in the mainstream news.

b) The fact that the CDC admits they cannot test specifically for a variant unless by Whole Genome Sequencing.

c) Recent FOIA returns from the CDC that indicated no records exist that prove isolation/purification of the virus.

d) A man from Alberta, Canada won a court case where health officials were unable to prove the existence of the COVID virus.

e) There has been no mention of a seasonal flu for 18+ months.

A trusted source that works in a hospital in Central Florida has informed me that beds really are filling with sick patients suffering from flu-like symptoms. The respiratory tract seems to be particularly affected. In light of this new information I have had to do some thinking. Here are some new conclusions and questions I have arrived at:

1) The flu-like symptoms are real and severe enough to send people to the hospital in large numbers. The pandemic is not a hoax. This second surge appears real.

2) Is this sickness what authorities are calling COVID? Could it be a virulent seasonal flu? Could ten years of exposure to Fukushima fallout be exacerbating this flu?

3) We know the PCR test was inaccurate and has been recalled. Shouldn’t data related to the PCR test be thrown out? How do we know how many people really died from COVID if this test was inaccurate?

4) We know that the CDC says it can sequence the COVID genome and tell if it is COVID or a variant. According to CDC this is done for ‘surveillance purposes only’. Why can’t or why won’t the CDC provide the genetic sequence?

5) A court case in Canada was won because health officials could not produce an ‘isolate’ of COVID or proof COVID is real. Is it that they couldn’t or is it that they wouldn’t provide the proof?

6) The CDC has responded to FOIA requests and been unable or unwilling to provide evidence of isolation or purification of the COVID virus. Why?

7) Does this mean a virus named COVID does not exist? Does this mean there is no variant or variants?

8) Could the COVID virus be real and for some reason the isolated virus and the genetic sequencing are being kept hidden? i.e. not made available for public scrutiny.

9) If COVID is real and the isolation and genetic sequencing are being kept secret, why? Would it be because it could be proven, beyond any doubt that COVID was made in a lab? Would it be possible with the genetic sequence to identify specifically which lab it came from? Could COVID have come from a lab other than the Wuhan lab?

10) After finding evidence that authorities have conducted multiple pandemic ‘table-top’ exercises over the years (scenarios with names like Atlantic Storm, Dark Winter, Clade X, SPARS pandemic, Event 201 and Crimson Contagion to name a few) there are several questions that need be answered:  

a) How can it be that after 20 years of drills/table top scenarios for viral pandemics that are spread via airborne particles there IS NO RELIABLE DATA OR STUDY on face masks and no science to prove if they work or not? Are the authorities really this incompetent or was this by design?

b) How is it possible that after so much preparation, rehearsal, research and study over the years that no one thought to strategically place warehouses throughout the U.S. and fill them with PPE such as face masks, face shields, bio-suits, ventilators etc? Are the authorities realty this incompetent or was this by design?

c) Considering these pandemic scenarios covered the economic effect of such an outbreak and even included actors from the World Economic Forum and many other financial specialists how could it be that no one thought to beef-up unemployment computers to handle the obvious extra load when stores and businesses began to close and people found themselves out of work? Florida and other states experienced delay in sending out unemployment checks because over-loaded computers crashed. Are the authorities really this incompetent or was this by design?

I want to finish by saying that I find the whole COVID pandemic to have been perfectly timed and of great convenience to the establishment and the globalists. It’s not just because of the peak oil situation, not just because we are ten years out from Fukushima and cancers and sickness should be beginning to peak and thus fatalities from this could be hidden behind COVID, but if you will kindly hearken back to Jeffery Epstein’s arrest, him being sent to prison and promptly being ‘suicided’ and then the pandemic conveniently coming out of nowhere. The result: everyone has forgotten about child sex trafficking by wealthy elite, politicians, high level athletes, movie stars and entertainers who visited Mr. Epstein’s infamous island and of which many of their names appear on flight logs.

COVID, in the form of a lab-made virus, could have been the trump card held all along. In the event the law began to close in on their child sex trafficking operations this card could be played and investigations stymied or shut down altogether.

Something to think about.


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Unanswered Questions regarding COVID, PCR tests and Fatalities

Are deaths from Fukushima fallout being labeled as COVID?

Unanswered Questions regarding COVID, PCR tests and Fatalities

By Hatrick Penry


Dear reader;

I am having difficulty answering a number of important questions surrounding COVID, the RT-PCR test and the fatalities alleged to have been from COVID-19.

In a previous article I ask the questions: are deaths from acute radiation poisoning and cancer deaths related to fallout from Fukushima being hidden from the American public by labeling those fatalities as a result of COVID? Does the mechanism for this deception come in the form of the bogus PCR test?

The idea that deaths related to Fukushima fallout are being erroneously attributed to COVID-19 is a legitimate one: we have heard nothing from the U.S. Government in terms of Fukushima fatalities and we are now finding that the test used to determine the presence of COVID-19 (RT-PCR) has been completely inaccurate and thus invalid. This RT-PCR test is in fact the subject of a Class I recall by the FDA at this very moment because it simply does not work.

Questions regarding COVID, the RT-PCR test and fatalities attributed to COVID:

1) If the treatment for COVID is ‘gene therapy’ and is referred to as that by CDC, FDA and Pfizer/Moderna’s application to the FDA, then why is it being marketed and sold as a traditional vaccine? Is that not ‘false advertising’?

(below: the FDA (and Pfizer and Moderna) call the COVID treatment ‘gene therapy’ and NOT a vaccine)

2) The RT-PCR test is/has been unable to distinguish between COVID, seasonal flu and/or any COVID variants. How can there be a ‘delta variant’ surge if you cannot easily test for the delta strain? Why is this not being covered in the News?

(below: the CDC responds to a question regarding the ability to test specifically for the ‘Delta Variant’)

3) In the application to the FDA for the RT-PCR test it states that the number of cycles of genetic amplification be 40 or more…my research indicates this will result in a false positive. Why is this not being covered on the News?

4) Doctors are telling patients when asked what variant they have that they cannot test specifically for any variant. Why is this not being covered in the News?

5) What happened to the seasonal flu? Why no discussion of the disappearing seasonal flu in the media? Have there been no deaths from the seasonal flu?

6) Why no discussion/reporting in the media of the Class I recall by FDA of the PCR test and the implications thereof?

(below: from the FDA website on the recall of the RT-PCR test)

7) Why is there no announcement that the data collected thus far on the presence of COVID is invalid and should be thrown out? How can the numbers be reliable when the test is not reliable?

8) If there is no reliable test for the COVID virus how do we know there is a virus? All we know is there are symptoms which mimic the seasonal flu…is COVID a hoax?

9) What if the extra deaths in 2020 and 2021 are from acute radiation poisoning and cancers related to Fukushima but because of the false positives from the PCR test they are being labeled as deaths from COVID? Remember that cancer treatment and screening has been delayed due to ‘COVID’ allegedly filling up hospitals.

10) How do we know fatalities that are attributed to COVID are from COVID and not from the seasonal flu? Is it possible that a seasonal flu, combined with the effects of 10+ years of radiation poisoning is causing an inordinate amount of deaths?

“The symptoms of Acute Radiation Sickness would be just exactly like a terrible flu.” -Colonel Andrew Huff (Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute)

11) If there is a media blackout on everything mentioned above…what does that tell us about Mainstream News? What does that tell us about the pandemic? What does it tell us about academia and the medical profession that they either do not know these facts or simply won’t talk about them?

There is one other thing I would also like to point out: in the early days of the pandemic the FDA announced that there was no test for COVID that had been approved. At some point they applied ’emergency use authorization’ for the RT-PCR test. At the moment there are a number of ‘perception management specialists’ circulating around on social media stating that there are many RT-PCR tests and only one has been recalled. This is patently false as per the FDA’s own admission. There has only been one PCR test for COVID and that test was ultimately recalled because it failed.

(below: from the FDA website…early on there was NO approved test for COVID…the one that was approved under the ’emergency use authorization’ later proved to be flawed and a Class I recall was issued)

Finally, it is important you understand just how bad the Fukushima disaster really was and how much radiation was released so you understand why I am asking if COVID is a cover for those dying of acute radiation sickness or cancers related to years of exposure to fallout. Please read my condensed abstract and/or read my free e-book on the multi-agency cover-up of the Fukushima disaster by U.S. officials to learn more.

Thank you all,


Fauci to recommend ‘Flatulence Suppressors’ to combat COVID

Fauci to recommend ‘flatulence suppressors’ to combat COVID

by Hatrick Penry


(Washington D.C.)

In a COVID related press conference, Dr. Anthony Fauci has begun to recommend ‘flatulence suppressors’ to combat the transmission of COVID-19 in light of recent findings regarding the ability of the virus to spread via gaseous expulsions from the human body.

“We have to combat this virus wherever it may be,” said Dr. Fauci at Friday’s press conference, “and in light of recent findings by health officials in Australia, findings that indicate COVID may be transmitted via airborne flatulence, I have no choice but to recommend, no INSIST, that all Americans utilize a ‘flatulence suppressor’. This new and effective device is to be inserted in the anal orifice at all times, blocking the flow of gases carrying the COVID virus. Naturally it is for the protection of others, and any decent, patriotic American should be more than willing to take this new precaution.”

When asked by a reporter “Isn’t this really just a ‘butt plug’?” Dr. Fauci responded: “This is NOT a butt plug, it is a ‘flatulence suppressor’; two totally different things. The flatulence suppressor is a medical device.”

Dr. Fauci went on to say: “I’ll be talking with the President later today in an effort to secure funding for the 332 million suppressors that will be needed for Americans.”

“The ‘flatulence suppressors’ are about this small and are easily insertable” -Dr. Fauci

(editors note: this article is satire and not to be taken seriously)

Are deaths from Fukushima fallout being labeled as COVID?

My question is simple: are deaths from acute radiation poisoning and cancer deaths related to fallout from Fukushima being hidden from the American public by labeling those fatalities as a result of COVID?

Consider this quote from March, 2011:

“The symptoms of Acute Radiation Sickness would be just exactly like a terrible flu.” -Colonel Andrew Huff (Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute)

Now examine the graph below which shows thyroid cancer incidence in Belarus following the Chernobyl disaster (it ranges from 1986 to 2002):

What we see is that, generally speaking, the cancers related to Chernobyl were beginning to peak around the 10+ year mark. The Fukushima meltdowns occurred on March 11th, 2011. I am writing this article on July 27th, 2021…the math is easy and leads us to conclude that we are now at the ten year mark post Fukushima where illness or cancers related to Fukushima would be most prevalent (10 years out for children, 10-15 years out for young adults and adolescents).

(Below: from the FDA website)

We also know that the PCR test being used to diagnose if a person is/was infected with COVID-19 are in no way reliable. Recently the FDA issued a Class I recall on the PCR test because it simply does not work. Furthermore we now know that these PCR tests could easily give a false positive if the cycles of genetic amplification were run too many times. 

(Below: from the FDA website)

How many Americans are suffering from Acute Radiation Sickness or cancer related to Fukushima fallout I do not know but the numbers must be significant.

So again I ask: are deaths from acute radiation poisoning and cancer deaths related to fallout from Fukushima being hidden from the American public by labeling those fatalities as a result of COVID? Does the mechanism for this deception come in the form of the bogus PCR test?

Please take the time to read my abstract here or download my free e-book on the Fukushima cover-up here.

Thank you