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The Afghanistan Heroin-Fentanyl-Depopulation Agenda Explained

By Hatrick Penry


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Invade Afghanistan, world’s leading grower of poppies and producer of heroin, over false flag event (9/11).

Step 2: Allow domestic ‘pill mills’ to circulate painkillers, like Oxycontin, freely with little restriction.

Step 3: Have CIA begin to import black tar heroin from Afghanistan onto the streets of America.

Step 4: After the domestic ‘pill mills’ cause enough people to be addicted to painkillers, begin to crack down on the ‘pill mills’ and doctors that prescribe too many pills too freely.

Step 5: After cracking down on the over-prescription of painkillers, begin to flood black market with the alternative: even more cheap heroin from Afghanistan.

Step 6: Invest taxpayer dollars on NARCAM, the life saving antidote to heroin overdose. The taxpayer can be billed for the cost of the NARCAM which will allow the addict to survive the overdose and be back to using heroin (and spending money) as soon as possible.

Step 7: Invest in rehab centers for those wealthy enough to afford them. Invest in NARCAM producers. Continue to flood streets with black tar heroin and continue shutting down ‘pill mills’ and doctors who over-prescribe.

Step 8: Once enough money has been made it becomes time for the depopulation agenda. Begin to increase level of Fentanyl that is being smuggled by CIA from China.

Step 9: Make deal to turn over poppy production in Afghanistan to China, while an open southern border allows for a simultaneous increase in the smuggling of the killer drug Fentanyl.

Step 10: With Afghanistan black tar heroin becoming less available and more expensive, make the substitute of Fentanyl an easily available, cheap alternative.

Step 11: Count the fatalities.