‘COVID Bots’ promoting fear, lies and division on Twitter…who is behind this?

By Hatrick Penry


There has been a surge of fake user accounts on Twitter promoting lies and ratcheting up the fear about the COVID virus. The goal is to encourage (by guilt, shame, fear or otherwise) people to get ‘vaccinated’.

Who is behind this orchestrated psychological operation? If COVID-19 is as the establishment says it is and the ‘vaccines’ are safe and effective, why the need to perform such trickery on the public? Is there any effort by Twitter to remove these accounts? Is this operation one that violates any state or federal law?

I’m not new to the game of trolling. I’ve written several articles over the years about the fake ‘sock puppet’ accounts on YouTube that stalk the threads of 9/11, Sandy Hook, Fukushima, and other videos doing their best to convince us the official narrative is the correct one.

Similar bogus accounts exist on FaceBook and other social media platforms as well. It is an epidemic of deception. It is full-spectrum. It is ongoing with no end in sight. And it works.

What can we do about it? At this time the only countermeasure I can think of is to copy/screen cap the evidence, compile it, and circulate it far and wide. With that in mind, I intend to add further evidence to this article as I find it. Also, feel free to use any evidence I have collected here…working together we can expose this psy-op for what it is.

“It is easier to fool the people, than to convince them they have been fooled.” -Mark Twain

(Below: Bots stoking discord and division)

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  1. None of that matters. Just think for yourself, if people know how. Many don’t. Here’s the thing: I discovered early in life that I couldn’t buy into anyone’s lies, at least, not forever. When my 5th grade science teacher taught us gravity can be explained with a swinging pail of water, I realized something: Just because people tell you something doesn’t make it true. And the more who argue for a point, the more likely it isn’t true, because most people who argue don’t think for themselves. They like being useful idiots as part of a movement. They like the brownie buttons. But that’s how countries lose their freedoms.

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