Of Reality and the Future of Mankind

Of Reality and the Future of Mankind

By Hatrick ‘Hattie’ Penry

October 7th, 2015

fallout 3

The Great Spirit does not want you to build an empire. If he had, your lifespan would reach a thousand years. Or perhaps a million.

Buddhists say: all is impermanent, all is without self.

Tell me who will care in a hundred thousand years? In a million years?

Will humans still be humans in a million years? Will we still be human in a thousand years? Perhaps HomoGalacticus will rule by then and we’ll be gone.

In a hundred thousand years perhaps the bipedal humanoid shape will give way to another, more efficient form. Will we even be of substance? Would this new species continue to exist on this plane or would it gravitate to another? Would this advanced race move to a higher dimension?

(Note: If the known universe has a life span, any sentient creatures arising from this universe will either ultimately perish or advance to a point where they attain a lifespan greater than that of the universe (and to a point where an alternative place to exist may be found).

In time the Earth itself will no longer exist. If something is not eternal, is it an illusion or is it real?

Can a being or beings arise out of a universe and develop the technology or ability to last longer than the universe?

Could a being or beings arise from a universe and advance to the point where the capacity to create a new universe or multiverse (or artificial reality/matrix) is attained?


In the first universe to exist, did a being(s) arise to the level where that being had the ability to create a world or universe? Or perhaps an artificial computer-generated reality? Would that being be considered God? Do we now exist in a universe of this creators making? Is our world an artificial one like the one in the movie ‘The Matrix’?

Can life and the time/space/matter that supports it exist without an intelligent creator? Could there have been a near infinite number of failed universes before one, by random chance, had the necessary requirements to support life?

Is it possible an intelligent species could advance to the point where they, for whatever reason, temporarily suspend their memories and insert themselves into a computer generated world, an artificial reality that for all intents and purposes appears real?

Perhaps when you die you go to the ‘afterlife’ which really is your ‘beforelife’. As you exit (die) this game (artificial reality) perhaps you return to your place and conscience/personality of origin: all your memories return including your new ones.

Perhaps you never were human but just wanted to experience what it was like for yourself. Perhaps in an eternal reality without suffering, one needs to, from time to time, return to a mortal existence (or the appearance of one) to freshen ones mind as to what it was like…upon returning to your place of origin the effects of your experience will be profound and long lasting. If we really are eternal beings, perhaps eternity is not perfect. Eternity combined with occasional simulated reality however just might be.


Taking into account man’s current level of technology (genetics, nano-technology, computer engineering, AI, etc.) and the duration of time spent arriving at that level (time to evolve from single cell organism to our current  level of technology) and the age of the known universe (14 billion years?) is it not likely that there really is ‘nothing new under the sun’, that is to say: we are simply a spin off, an artificial replicant of the original world, where everything possible happened for the first time? In this scenario we would only be reinventing technology for the second (or third or fourth or fifth…) time although, with previous memory having been suspended before being inserted into the artificial reality, technological inventons would appear and feel completely real…right down to the exhilarating rush of the inventor.


Wouldn’t an artificial intelligence, sufficiently advanced, recognize the ruling body (and the forces of) on planet Earth to be a threat to all existence, and subsequently make priority number one removal/eradication of this threat?

Food for thought-HP

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