Approach, Infiltrate, Influence, Sabotage: Patterns of Deception in the ‘Alternative’ Media and ‘Anti’ Nuclear Movement

Approach, Infiltrate, Influence, Sabotage: 

Patterns of Deception in the ‘Alternative’ Media and ‘Anti’ Nuclear Movement 

By Hatrick Penry 




Experience #1

Back in February of 2012 online broadcaster Bob Tuskin approached my wife Debbie at her Father’s Laundromat and, after saying some nice things about my writing on FaceBook, asked if I might be interested in writing for The IntelHub (now The IntelliHub). When I heard the news I was very excited. I had never been published before. In fact, no one had really paid any attention to anything I had ever written except for my wife, my mother or my teachers from school. So I began to write for The IntelHub as a freelance writer who was upfront and vocal about NOT being in it for the money. I never accepted payment, even when Mr. Tuskin offered me ‘Federal notes’.

Until I wrote about Plume-Gate and the NRC FOIA documents I was happy as a writer for The IntelHub. When I began to write about the world’s largest, provable cover-up and the fact that the ‘alternative’ media was remaining silent on this incredible story, I noticed that someone began subtly modify my Plume-Gate articles (and only my Plume-Gate articles). Words were added or deleted from my titles. Sentences were shortened. I was being censored. (It was during this time I created the pen-name Hatrick Penry and wrote Operation Mockingbird Alternative Media Infiltration Exposed! I credit Alexander Higgins as the only one with the courage enough to publish what still to this day is the only legitimate critique of Alex Jones and his InfoWars operation.)

When I asked The IntelHub co-founder Alex Thomas why my Plume-Gate articles had been modified, he was evasive and avoided answering my questions. When I pointed this out, the fact that he would not explain why my articles had been modified and the fact I had asked the same questions more than once without receiving a proper answer, I was blocked on FaceBook (where we had been communicating), my 40+ articles were promptly deleted from The IntelHub website and any trace of my name was removed. (Author’s note:  interestingly enough, if you check out today’s The IntelliHub all traces of co-founder Alex Thomas have been removed as well…it’s as if he never worked there) 

“The petty man is eager to make boasts, yet desires that others should believe in him. He enthusiastically engages in deception, yet wants others to have affection for him. He conducts himself like an animal, yet wants others to think well of him.” ~Xun Zi


Experience #2

After my experience with The IntelHub I began to focus on FaceBook and my WordPress blog. My strategy was two-fold: report on the NRC FOIA documents and report on those who would not report on the NRC FOIA documents. During this time I became ‘friends’ with a person on FaceBook calling herself Julia Mitchell: she was very complimentary of my writing and told me everything I wanted to hear. She knew all about the infiltration of ‘alternative’ media and agreed with me on every point. I asked her to join my FaceBook group ‘COINTROLLPRO’ where I would be investigating the trolls and shills of the ‘alternative’ media. She accepted. At some point one of Julia Mitchell’s friends posted an article on FaceBook that stated Fukushima fallout would NOT reach the United States and that we had nothing to fear. In response, I posted 5-6 of my Plume-Gate articles in his thread.

My punishment for so doing was swift and severe. I was immediately ‘un-friended’ and blocked by both of these characters. Julia Mitchell went on to write an article in the ‘Examiner’ stating that I was an undercover COINTELPRO agent (COINTELPRO stands for Counter Intelligence Program). I can’t say I was shocked or that this was something new: Ed Chiarini (aka: dallasgoldbug) had already attacked and slandered me by saying I was an Illuminati actor who played Mark Dice, Danger Ehram (from the movie Jackass), Sheppard Ambellas and several other characters after I wrote to him to ask about The IntelHub and Alex Jones.

“People always overdo the matter when they attempt deception.” ~Charles Dudley Warner

Experience #3

In November of 2012 I began to receive messages in my BlogTalkRadio message box from a man named Pete Santilli. Mr. Santilli, also a broadcaster, praised my radio show and my writing and claimed he was on a crusade to expose Alex Jones as a fraud. Mr. Santilli pointed to a video on YouTube claiming that InfoWars hired former STRATFOR employee Molly Maroney and went on to claim that he had inside information that STARTFOR was a CIA front. It wasn’t long before Mr. Santilli asked if I would be a regular on his Friday broadcast and I accepted his invitation.

Everything was fine and I had a great time until one week of Mr. Santilli’s broadcasts began with an interview of two characters (Stewart Rhodes and Sheriff Richard Mack) who had just been interviewed by Alex Jones at InfoWars (one within just 24 hours). In an article titled ‘Why I quit the Pete Santilli Show’ I asked hard questions:

“Who has the connections to land these two characters? Why would Mr. Santilli draw from the same shill circuit as Alex Jones? Why would they do this knowing how I (and many others) feel about the trolls that work for Jones? Why would Mr. Santilli invite me on his show and then pull a stunt like this? Isn’t that called ‘hanging someone out to dry’? Did they not think someone would make the connection? Isn’t it hypocritical to harp on Alex Jones over the acquisition of Molly Maroney and then interview two long-time guests (and good friends) of Alex Jones?”


I never got answers from Mr. Santilli but I did get slandered by him: he broadcast that he ‘fired’ me, accused me of being a COINTELPRO agent and then proceeded to attack me in a bizarre tabloid style article.

“The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him” ~Proverbs 18:17

Experience #4

In 2013 (not sure of exact date) I receive in my YouTube inbox a message from Jann Brooks, aka: MrsMilkytheclown (MMTC). She praises my work in her message and during a subsequent phone call (the only one we would ever have) claimed she knew of another NRC FOIA researcher and suggested she have him call me. I agreed.

This is when I first came to know Shane Russell (aka: Shazzam or Shazzamm1971 on YouTube). Again, he told me everything I wanted to hear. My broadcasts were awesome, my videos were amazing, my articles fabulous. Mr. Russell suggested we work together and, as he seemed knowledgeable in not only NRC FOIA documents (providing an Adam link and link to a FOIA primer I had never seen and had no clue about) but in nuclear power and nuclear power plants in general, I accepted (and, after all, he was recommended by MMTC).

For several months I never suspected Mr. Russell of being anything other than what he claimed he was: another NRC FOIA researcher interested in shutting down nuclear power forever and bringing the participants in the cover-up I called Plume-Gate to justice. I spoke openly and freely with Mr. Russell on the phone as I always have with anyone, phone call or not. We exchanged information and theories and Mr. Russell would often send me screencaptures from the NRC FOIA documents or send links to whole files (it wasn’t until December of 2013 that another NRC FOIA researcher, Maureen Burke, informed me that most of Mr. Russell’s FOIA screencaptures originated from her and that he was taking the credit for her work).

It wasn’t until the day of my interview on Michael C. Ruppert’s ‘The Lifeboat Hour’ that Mr. Russell began to show his hand. When I logged onto FaceBook that day I was shocked to find that he had gone on Mr. Ruppert’s FaceBook page and began an argument with Mr. Ruppert himself…an argument that climaxed in Mr. Russell being blocked by Mr. Ruppert.

SR on MCR 1 - Copy

Mind you on the day of the biggest interview of my life, an interview that undoubtedly would raise Plume-Gate awareness to a whole new level, my ‘partner’ appeared as if he was doing his best to get me booted off the show. Why would he risk the chance to broadcast Plume-Gate to the world over an argument with Michael Ruppert? Why risk angering the man who was about to interview me that evening? In a message to Mr. Russell that same day I asked if he was trying to get me booted off the show and couldn’t he argue over coal and oil and alternative energy with Mr. Ruppert TOMORROW when the interview was over?

Around the time of my interview on The Lifeboat Hour (not sure exactly when but right around that time frame) I received a phone call from Mr. Russell wherein I was told a fantastic tale about a meeting between Arnie Gundersen (of Fairewinds Associates) and Jann Brooks (MrsMilkeytheclown from YouTube). I will repeat the story from memory as Mr. Russell was careful to only tell it to myself and Maureen Burke (a fellow NRC FOIA researcher) over the phone (also in phone conversations with two other individuals who confirm they were told the same story):

According to Mr. Shane Russell:


Because MMTC hosts Arnie Gundersen’s Fairewinds videos on a regular basis she eventually makes contact with Maggie Gundersen who arranges a meeting between Jann Brooks (MMTC) and Mr. Gundersen. Mr. Gundersen is in Michigan (where Jann Brooks lives) for the Ferme NPP court case, so the meeting is a convenient one. Before the meeting, Mr. Gundersen calls to make final arrangements with MMTC who seems to think that Mr. Gundersen sounded intoxicated on alcohol over the phone.


For the lunch date with Mr. Gundersen, MMTC will be joined by Christina Consolo (aka: Radchick) a former radio broadcaster and self-proclaimed anti-nuclear activist who also lives in Michigan. Before the luncheon, the three meet and, as the story goes, Mr. Gundersen is acting like a ‘giddy schoolgirl’ and MMTC thinks he has been drinking alcohol.


During the lunch meet Mr. Gundersen leaves twice to call his wife and is acting very strangely. Christina Consolo (Radchick) attempts to land a job with Fairewinds Associates. After the meeting, the three go their own way. MMTC ends up in an old bookstore and while searching through the section pertaining to nuclear power she stumbles upon an old letter from the company that owns Ferme. The letter, an original not a copy, contains incriminating information that proves Ferme is cutting costs in the safety department: this is exactly what the court case Mr. Gundersen is involved in is about-Ferme cutting the safety budget and the effects of doing so. Realizing this is an incredible stroke of luck, Jann Brooks (MMTC) calls Mr. Gundersen to inform him of her find. A second meeting is arranged between Jann Brooks and Mr. Gundersen.


At the second meeting Mr. Gundersen refuses a copy of the incriminating letter and insists on having the original. When MMTC refuses to turn over the original, Mr. Gundersen attempts to snatch the letter from her hand. Unsuccessful in his brazen attempt to take the original letter by force, Mr. Gundersen says he does not want a copy and is no longer interested in the information. The meeting ends.


This all caused me quite a bit of angst: I could say nothing as it is all hearsay to me but I kept asking myself: why would Mr. Russell and Jann Brooks remain quiet on such blockbuster information so critical to the anti-nuclear movement? The story would likely have ended here if it were not for my wife who, after hearing me grumble and complain for 2-3 weeks about the whole situation wrote Jann Brooks (MMTC) in an attempt to find out what the truth was.

1 deb to mmtc letter

In her response Jann Brooks tells a completely different story: she did meet with Arnie Gundersen, the meeting was amicable, and AG parts with the documentation without incident.

Note that in my wife’s letter she does not name the name of the source of the story, but a) MMTC must know it is Mr. Russell who she knows I have semi-regular phone conversations with and who she does as well and b) MMTC immediately forwards my wife’s letter to Mr. Russell (who forwards it to me and to Kevin Blanch) so that he is aware of the situation. To be sure, MMTC was quick to let the cat out of the bag and seemed not to be worried at all that someone was spreading such outrageous rumors about her and Mr. Gundersen (in fact this last week Jann Brooks friended Mr.  Russell on Facebook). Interestingly enough, any chance to observe Mr. Russell’s future actions without him knowing about what I had found out was ruined when MMTC made him immediately aware. Also, there was mention of a late night phone call with MMTC the night she forwarded my wife’s letter to Mr. Russell but I never could get Mr. Russell to tell me what the phone call was about.

Realizing that the ‘cat was out of the bag’ I confronted Mr. Russell with this information and began asking questions.

2 BS

6 BS

9 BS

As of yet, I have NOT received a proper answer from any of the persons involved in this case. Instead, a campaign of baseless attacks and slander has been mounted against me by everyone involved.


1 Jrae

2 jrae

3 jrae

(below) Certain person=Christina Consolo aka: RadChick

shazzam on mmtc and radchick

Update: (2/21/14) In a message to my wife on FaceBook Kevin Blanch now admits the fantastic tale of Arnie Gundersen DID COME FROM JANN BROOKS. Interestingly enough, Mr. Blanch has sat on this fact for weeks while Jann Brooks, Shane Russell and others attacked and slandered me in what appears to be an orchestrated effort (including Mr.Blanch’s video cursing at me and calling me a shill). Why did Mr. Blanch keep quiet when he knew the whole time that Jann Brooks was the origin of the fabricated story? What kind of person(s) act in such a deceptive manner? Was the fantastic tale of Arnie Gundersen an attempt to bait me into reporting on something I had no proof of?  Imagine if I had been stupid enough to write an article or post a video telling the Jann Brooks story of drunken Arnie trying to snatch the documents from her hand…could Mr. Gundersen then have sued me for slander or defamation of character?

Again, Jann Brooks is angry with me for ‘attacking’ her, but all I did was ask about the fantastic tale of Arnie Gundersen and it was never an attack, I never used vulgarity or harsh tones…only asked questions TO WHICH THEY ALL KNEW THE ANSWSER BUT DID THEIR BEST TO OBFUSCATE MY INVESTIGATION.

“…I repeated the story Jann told me to Shane in a very innocent way…” ~Kevin Blanch 2/21/14

It is important to note that 1) Jann Brooks finances Mr. Blanch and 2) although Mr. Blanch says that “Gundersen is worthless” his ‘Post Ignorance’ website links to an article that quotes and promotes Arnie Gundersen AND the Unit 4 offload hoax. This fact was brought to Mr. Blanches attention over a month ago.

Again, I hope you understand that the fantastic tale of Arnie Gundersen is not some ‘innocent’ story being told for fun and games. I have been very effective at debunking Arnie Gundersen and it is widely known that as a result I (and my wife for that matter) have been blacklisted from groups like the Coalition Against Nuclear and InfoWars…places that Arnie is welcome but because I have pointed out the fact he downplays and dismisses the NRC FOIAs I am banned for life. I’ve no doubt that Mr. Gundersen would like to see me silenced. Remember that with the help of Michael C. Ruppert, I forced Mr. Gundersen to address the contents of the NRC FOIAs…this is how I debunked him. Could it be possible that Jann Brooks works for Mr. Gundersen? We know she meets with Mr. Gundersen personally and she continues to host his videos even after I have thoroughly debunked Mr. Gundersen and explained how controlled opposition works. If Mr. Blanch is financed by Jann Brooks and Jann Brooks takes her orders from Mr. Gundersen it all begins to make sense. This would explain why Mr. Blanch knew the whole time that Jann Brooks was the originator of the story but chose to not only remain silent, but to attack and slander me in a video and call me a shill.

Here is a link to my free book on controlled opposition…please take the time to read so you can identify the troll dens and shill networks for yourself.

“The new freedom of expression brought by the Internet goes far beyond politics. People relate to each other in new ways, posing questions about how we should respond to people when all that we know about them is what we have learned through a medium that permits all kinds of anonymity and deception.” ~Peter Singer 

Final Words:

I hope all of you will understand that this is the FOURTH time that this has happened to me, that is to say, I feel my confidence was gained by someone in an effort to later sabotage my credibility or control some aspect of my work. In each instance I have been careful to document everything that happened. I have written multiple articles in an effort to keep the public aware. I hope you understand that once again, a pattern I recognize has unfolded before my eyes and I must be cautious and protect myself and my work. I have no choice but to disassociate myself from these characters.

Finally, I am not going to stop extending trust to people. If consequently you trick, deceive or lie to me, I see the fault as being yours, not mine. Normal humans love and trust one another. I want to remain a normal human. ~HP


Related article by Glenn Greenwald:  How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

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  1. Ugh,
    (And I apologize, as this is gonna be a LONG one!)

    So I see the guy who sees himself as superman has been here, already, and I bet he’ll have something to say to me (or at me , again) as he did in the MMTC video thread.
    I told MMTC: HP was not attacking you. He did not make up the lie, but he questioned the lie as told to him, “by another person”. I asked her why she attacked you rather than have a go at this guy , SUPERMAN, above. I also noted that someone is suddenly spamming my comments, and this is when SR showed up to write about seventy lines of (garbage) text to me, in yt. Did he ever respond to my original question or accusation? No. He says he has all of these screen-captures regarding how it went down. But, he does not EVER present these SCs? Why is this?

    And, because I took the side of sanity, MMTC had a go at me, too. I laughed it off, because what she said to me was SO ridiculous, it is laughable. MMTC says she has, “had to block me as she has done to ONLY six people…” (in yt). I told her there was no reason for her to bother, as I had not been to her channel since this began. And I suggested she not bring it to the stream (BGBD), AGAIN. She sent me an incredulous, “AGAIN?????” Yes, again; she’s publicly bashed you, Tony, each and every night! Now, she has a go at me, for questioning who was lying,.., for wondering why she’d had a go at you rather than SR ,the obvious instigator.
    And I responded to her with, hahahaha., as she deserves nothing better from me!

    I just checked out the video and thread, from which I am NOT blocked (by the way) and saw that SR has also repeated the multi-line garbage to Deb. Is he kidding with this? Does he think, if he repeats himself often enough, it will magically become truth?

    It does seem there has been a concerted effort to take you down, Tony. I don;t really get why SR would do this, though he may be more concerned with his name being attached to the FOIA releases *via NRC, than he is with truth, out. Now, I am sure you gave credit where due; that you always made sure to thank Shazzam in your yt videos, so what on earth IS his problem?

    Another thing: I noted that Maureen, whom I know not at all save her exchanges with you and Superman, went to the video to gave Jann a pat on the back for her insane, cuss-filled rant against you, Tony. I do not get it.
    As for my take on this ridiculousness: I will absolutely defend what I see as truth. I do NOT see Shane Russell/ Shazzam/ Shazzamm1971 as a truth-teller, at all. I simply see him as an instigator, and this is not the first time he has worked to take you down, Tony. I think this is quite telling.
    Why MMTC does not see it is beyond me. All of these people who’ve had something ugly to say about others have not been honest as they have now gone to the MMTC nastygram video to thank her for her words. How asinine.

    I do not have to agree with friends on every subject to be friends with them. When they go on about what they see as, “false flags”, and I do not see them as such, we will argue a bit, but we always agree to disagree. And in this world; the world of the, “conspiracy addict v the conspiracy theorist”, I am going to have friends disagreeing with me, often. If I were to write-off every friend for his or her ideas, I am going to lose a LOT of friends! So, while we may argue about certain issues, there is one thing i will never fight against: Truth.

    I do hope this is resolved and, if Shane has wronged others (including MMTC and you, as I believe he has), I hope he will ultimately see it for what it is and that he will apologize. Of course, if he is in there only to destroy any semblence of a movement (and I am NOT yet saying he is), there will be no apology and this may not even be the last time you see him lurking in the shadows. When and if Jann/MMTC is injured by him or others, I would hope she’ll think back to your warnings in this regard.
    I feel Jann has (maybe) exaggerated in her telling (originally) the story of meeting with Arnie G. And she had to set it straight while saving face. I believe SR found this small item and jumped on it to create chaos. Or, I am wrong and MMTC has lied, quite effectively.
    Regardless, someone IS lying, and I don’t see it as you doing the lying, Tony. After all, you’ve produced evidence that should not be refuted by any of them (I clicked on the embedded links, and all of them match-up.)
    So there ya go.

    • Excellent analysis and summation. Yes, all I did was ask questions and try to conduct an investigation into who told a really big lie, not an innocent lie, one that involved AG, the guy I have debunked and who he and his gang hate me…so this is important, its not some game or a goof. In my line of work, lies and deception cannot be tolerated as I am trying to bring attention to Plume-Gate, the world’s largest provable cover-up and the silver bullet to shut down nuclear power forever…why risk damaging all I have worked for? Why associate with known liars and deceivers when my work and my life is based on telling 100% truth?
      Thanks for an excellent comment…I hope folks read it.

      • Well, tell me why she was talking about ConnectingDots2 (one who’s gone at many of us) and felt the NEED to include you in calling him a shill (and others, but she said, “HP”) One thing that is OBVIOUS about you is this: You are NO SHILL!
        But she added your name, though there was nothing about you in Kevin’s video and nobody else had brought-up your name, so I ignored it. I just did not wish to continue the fight on Kevin’s channel, or I would have said something. Like I asked her, in Dana’s stream, WHY does she feel the need to BASH YOU, every night, there? Dana has not talked about you, though he did remove your name from his list— and we can all see why, as Jann goes on the ATTACK when others do not simply fall in line behind her.
        What Jann does not seem to get is this: I have NEVER been a follower, and even if I had been, I would hope I’d not follow someone telling absolute lies.. First, it was about Arnie G, and now it is about you, though she’s kept up the stories about you and the bashing of you, for far too long. She needs to apologize to you, and to Deb, minimally.

        Then she needs to quit this stuff. It is only destroying the whole group, and I am NOT the only person who feels this way.

  2. I think the liar has already been proven via his lies.
    Shane, why do you persist in this? The truth has already been outed, and this means you are outed as an instigator and a LIAR. Do you think we don’t have the wherewithall to NOT research these posts? Some of us do. And in searching,we’ve found exactly who’s written what.. and, guy; you actually owe apologies to Jann, Christina, and Tony. Hell, you should be apologizing to Arnie Gundersen for the stories about him being drunk, too (and I do not even like AG.. )
    Why do you continue with this? Are you this desperate to have your lies seen as truth? If you want to be taken as an honest person; start BEING HONEST, for a change!

  3. Strange that the ones he told lies about don’t seem to care, instead they are angry with me for exposing the whole affair and conducting an investigation…for me, this means they are all in ‘cahoots’ as we say down here in the south!

  4. Well, as you probably have already noted, I was responded to (at, really), but not here. It was on one of your yt video threads. And, again, MMTC is not getting the entire point.
    I said, here and anywhere I’ve said anything; You were not calling her out. You were merely asking how that convoluted story got out. And she has come at me for pointing this out and trying, more than once, to get her to comprehend nobody was calling her anything or even saying she did anything, with the exception of SHANE, who has badmouthed her quite a bit!

    I can only think he is in her ear, constantly, reading what I’ve said and what you’ve said in a completely different manner that how we have said this. Nobody has called her a shill, except for that one person who’s now (apparently) acting like he’s her best buddy.
    I don’t know how else to say this to her. And I think I have a fairly decent command of the English language.
    Why is she not understanding the question or the statements? Certainly, you were not going at her. I was not going at her. Yet, she has had a go at both of us and I don’t even know whom else. This, I do not understand.
    If she would just read what has been written, and took it in, I would be okay with her stopping these attacks. I don’t even need an apology. I just want her to really read this and think- and quit all of it (and I mean only all of the fighting.)
    Regardless, the fighting HAS to end or this is going to make matters a lot worse.

    Gosh. It is exhausting! I feel ya.
    it is a lot of trouble and I can see how one would think she is avoiding answering the initial question, though I don’t know this is what she’s done.

  5. I probably should not have been so ugly in my second comment, but I had just come off from reading more ugliness directed at me, by MMTC.
    I’d had enough.
    And I have a lot going on this week! So I hope she would calm down and just read.., and think. I’m not getting her videos anymore, if she’s making videos, because I blocked her (as she forgot to block me, I guess.)
    It is really too much and I am exhausted by her/

  6. I absolutely agree.
    What I don’t get is how they do not see the lies for what they are. I honestly do not know why ANYONE wants to go at you, as you have only set about providing TRUTH for anyone interested in reading it.
    And i do think Jann did originally spend a lot of time and online-space telling people to go and watch your videos and pay attention to the NRC (FOIA) releases. It seemed, to me, you were grateful to her. So, why did this go wrong? WHO instigated it?
    I know it is Shane (whom you had also always thanked for sending you more intel on the nuke-hub), and I think Arnie may have had a hand in it all. I don’t know. Maybe Shane was overtaken by Arnie and the two of them went to work on Jann?

    I was and am appreciative to ALL who’ve provided this info to me. I think most people feel this way.
    But, there is a destructive force in this and I am not sure how it was instigated, but something tells me FaireWinds was right up top.. the point of the destructive arrow, if you will.. And Shane became the feathers assuring that arrow would not go off of its course as it headed to you.

    Jann HAS to have someone keeping her on (the wrong) course, too. I just feel it in my bones! No matter how smart she is, she has fallen for this, amazingly so.

  7. Something is fishy with the whole lot of them….does this article sound familiar?

  8. Jann Brooks is not stupid. She just won’t be honest and forthcoming with us just as Mr. Blanch and Mr. Russell refuse to be…KDB claims 3 weeks later that he did get the story from Jann Brooks…why wait 3 weeks, 3 weeks of attacks and slander against me, and that shows his character…very deceptive if you ask me.
    If the story is true, about Arnie Gundersen, why does Jann Brooks aka: MMTC not reveal AG for the shill he is? And if the story is a lie, coming from MMTC, why is she lying? (the story is in and of itself slander against Mr. Gundersen) AND if Jann Brooks did not make up the story as she claims, then why does she not call out Kevin Blanch and Shane Russell for lying and defaming her and Mr. Gundersen?
    Pretty convoluted web of lies if you ask me. None of these characters was open and upfront when I began to conduct my investigation. It appears they are all covering for each other.
    I do believe now that this is a troll den/shill network. You can quote me on that.
    And for the record, I debunked Arnie Gundersen in his own words and received high praise from Michael Ruppert for my efforts…there IS NO NEED TO MAKE UP LIES OR EMBELLISH WHEN EXPOSING ARNIE GUNDERSEN WHEN THE TRUTH IS BAD ENOUGH!!!
    Here’s the video debunking AG:

  9. I am well aware of the manipulation, as it has been attempted (aimed) toward me. A few not-too-smart kids believed it (that I am a jew or I am on the side of zionist-israel), and others believed I am muslim and friends with the one they called, “Jihad Jane”.. I mean, people in this odd world do work to make others, though gullible others, believe what they coerce them into going along with.

    I imagine, if there is a particular infiltrator in this instance (and it could be anyone, honestly) and in this group of people, (which I am just on the outside of, looking i, doing such a thing.., it will be difficult to refute the trash-talk. Been there, done that, then just ignored it. Why am I placed just outside of this group? I have been relegated to this position, as perhaps I see through them and this makes me as dangerous as you.

    Ignoring it may be the best stance, at this point, I understand why you would not want (whomever it is) this person or persons to continue leading others astray. It allows for the Potassium-40 ~bananas-fools to gain ground. It prevents the truth coming out, and if ANY group wants to fight truth-out, it is the nuclear-gang (and I do mean GANG.)

    Still, a part of me believes Jann has been fooled. I honestly do think she has Shane, as well as possibly Arnie G, in her ear, too often for her to comprehend what lies she’s being told, on his behalf. I wish she would get past this and figure it out. I do think she will work it out, but I worry that so many will have been lost in lies, by this point, the world’s nuclear woes will continue and grow, planted and tended to by those who should really know better. I am saying: Jann really should know better. And, maybe she is one of them, but I think she actually believes she IS doing the right thing. I believe she thinks what she’s done to you is right. This is sad, for sure.
    I don’t know when this group will just get real, again, but I do think they will, ultimately. Would I want to kick them in the teeth for doing this? Maybe, today, I would. But, maybe when they do get it, I would be reasonable and forgiving. I’ve taken this stance in the past, even when certain folk have gone at me.
    Forgiveness, in the end, costs us nothing.
    But, forgiveness does need to be earned, at least through apology.

  10. Wow. So I missed this, because I was in surgery..
    And I am just now (kind of) getting back on my feet. Having the thyroid removed and getting used to synthetic hormones ain’t no joke!

    Anyway, yes; What game is Arnie playing? And, who’s playing it with him? Who got in touch with WHOM?? (I mean AG or JB?) Who then went after friends of mine to get them talking what SHE thinks is important, and not what I think matters?
    Something stinky showed up about eight months ago…, and it has changed a lot of my friends, and not for the better. It’s sad, to me… Some of these pals (some for over five years) have allowed themselves to be twisted and turned into what I do not recognise. Do I think this was accidental? Not at ALL.

    Arnie needs to stop talking outta both sides of his mouth (as they say down here in Texas) because it is helping nobody.

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