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Link to BlogTalkRadio broadcast: The Rise and Fall of Pete Santilli

“I normally don’t wish ill will on people, but I sincerely wish, pray and hope that you both spontaneously combust and go directly to hell.

Tony, if I were 3 feet from you, I would knock every one of your fucking teeth out…..count your blessings that I am not.” ~Peter Santilli
In this broadcast I’ll explain in clear, lucid detail how Pete Santilli could very well work for Alex Jones. Keep your tin foil hat ON cos I don’t think any less of you if you do…tin foil hats actually block electro-magnetic waves! ~HP                                                                  
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  1. Hatrick,

    Have you heard the very last show, final episode of Lee Rogers show?
    [audio src="" /]

    or Dec 21:

    He talks about the Intel Hub, Mark Dice, Alex Thomas, and Alex Jones. He has for 5 years but this was his final show. It is a must listen and an eye opener

    • Hey thanks for the link….I’ve heard a lot of good things about Mr. Rogers….and Jason Erb was very fair when he interviewed me, he is an Oracle broadcaster that took interest in my blog.
      You must have been reading my mind…I’ve wanted to investigate Mr. Rogers opinion on all this…you just saved me some time!
      Where is he going/what is he doing now, I wonder?

      What do you think about Oracle? I have fond both good and bad on there myself….

      • Hatrick,

        Oracle is a shill network. But Lee Rogers and Josh Reeves were the two I know were not bought. Lee Rogers was a classic Ron Paul guy 5 years ago. He even interviewed the guy. But he woke up like the rest of us. I digress. Josh Reeves has a ton of awesome info online. You can find some of the books he reads on YouTube. His language is a bit rough but that’s his style. A lot of people tune him out because of the way he talks but he was the one who put the final nail in the coffin of Alex Jones with CNP research

        Oracle has now turned into a network full of mindless ads. You are right. No one can be trusted.

        Oracle used to be a good network but it turned into Jews this, Ron Paul that, new age the other. Lee Rogers was only the only decent one left but he said 3 years ago, that he would leave after Dec 21st, 2012. He wanted others to come take his place and no one has. But just shills. If you listen to his last two shows, you will learn a lot about his ideas and also his thoughts on Mark Dice, Alex Thomas, Alex Jones, The Intel Hub, ….

        I have been trying to get in touch with you to send you links that I know can help further your research. Check this out on the Dark Knight Rising:

        I encourage you to look into the Council for National Policy, what Alex Jones and Mark Dice don’t touch: Also, Lee Rogers had this great interview with Josh Reeves on the power that be:

        I know you are very busy. But these are the areas I would suggest you look up on YouTube:
        1. Council for National Policy
        2. Jesuits
        3. Truthiracy (these guys cover symbols and how the elites do things).

        As far as networks, I don’t suggest any of them. I listen to you and hope you continue going deeper down the rabbit hole :)

        Peace ~ John

      • is my new email address…..thanks for the links and info…

    • Listening now…this is great, his last show…he’s laying it on the line and he’s 100% right…
      Thanks again for the link.

      • It is a long show. Sorry I didn’t have time to edit it as not all of it is must-listen. But Lee was a good man. He will be missed. He is getting in the music business and hiking. :)

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