Pete Santilli threatens me with physical violence

Pete Santilli threatens me with physical violence

by Hatrick ‘hattie’ Penry


The bottom line: if Pete Santilli is NOT arrested and charged with making this physical threat of bodily harm he is 100% an agent of the controlled opposition. If you thought you knew Pete Santilli…think again. They are ALL ACTORS!

merry xmas from pete

pete makes threat

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  1. I don’t really know the whole story of what is going on here, but…WOW!!!! I was in Pete’s chat this weekend when he had a Saturday show, and they were being really weird. Their whole objective was to shut down anyone who thought that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Their chat is now extremely controlled,with little messages that they will ban anyone posting outside personal links, etc. I doubt if I will spend much more time there, because what is the point? Keep doing what you are doing, and have a Merry Christmas with your family.

  2. Guess he doesn’t know that you’re 6’7″ and have longer than a 3 foot reach. I think he would never get that close.

    • Its sooooo easy to smack talk from 3,000 miles away…just like DallasGoldBug from Texas…my offer will always stand..anytime those rich fools wanna come down here to Gainesville there is a Gold’s Gym where GPD works out…a totally legit place to step into the ring and settle the smack talk once and for all.
      They talk the talk, but do they walk the walk?

  3. DallasGoldBug’s cointelpro too?? You mean he’s wrong about all the actors he has identified? Surely they are actors, and surely someone has been able to ID them….what do you think they are are trying to do by telling us we’re being duped by the media then? Hard to understand what that will gain the PTB. Hope you’ll explain.

  4. Whoa, man, what the hell? I have been offline for several weeks. Looks like I have some catching up to do.

  5. I am very proud of you bro. Learning the truth (much less spreading it) about anything happening today is extremely difficult because of the disinformation and outright lies poured out by our mainstream media.

    • Thank you. You know when I first heard you were going to be a Sheriff I was dismayed. Now I realize it was a blessing the whole time. If something ever happens to me, you guys will know where to go looking…

  6. Dear Hatrick,

    I’ve been awake and researching for several years; my favorite conspiracy books are Behold a pale horse, and Pawns In The Game. There’s so much history that has been hidden from us or warped. I suspected AJ for a while, especially from Cooper’s and other’s information. I think the alternative media has been extremely compromised as we have seen from Shouldice and P.S.’s TREASONOUS BETRAYAL!!

    Also, I think I agree with the comments you made about Dallasgoldbug. I’ve checked out his information a lil while back; although some of it is plausible alot of it seems to be grabbing at straws, which does exactly what you said and “muddy the waters” and stop people from even considering or looking into any of it.

    I also think the ones theorizing that P.S. could have been/being groomed to either replace Alex or rise along side him could be onto something and this should be looked into, because we all know AJ is practically a gold mine. However what we need to do next is plant more seeds of distrust instead of trying to attack them head on, it won’t work they will not allow dissent on the air. But if their loyal fans begin to question and get banned, one by one they will learn.

    Just think of all the money that AJ has made over the years pushing his merch, and lately even his arsenic laced kool-aid (which is sooo ironic and hilarious you almost don’t want to believe it). Who knows where that money has been funneled to or invested in, most likely to people and organizations that he claims to be “exposing”, because hes just such a GOOD PERSON.  Anyways, just sharing my thoughts.

    • Wow! Kera…I couldn’t have said it better myself!
      You know I’ve had a couple nice messages this holiday season, this being one of them, where I actually began to have hope that an awakening is really happening…not just the promotion of one that wasn’t really real.
      I hope you are putting those writing skills of yours to work on a regular basis ;)

      • Thanks for the reply! I’m glad I could bring a lil sunshine to your day! I’m also glad to know that there are more of us out there! There’s one other weapon that they are using against us and that I think is discouraging resistance in people is a lack of hope, along with the perpetual state of terror that is moulding our public conciousness. Even some days its hard for me to smile, but thanks to an inner drive even I don’t understand I can still find many beautiful things in this world, and many things to be thankful for.

        Unfortunately I have not put my writing skills to enough use yet, hardly any at all (though you probably can’t tell). I come from humble beginnings, I attended rural public school all my life and then moved on to state university but did not complete; but because of my mom and grandparents, I was able to have that knowledge fostered and nurtured at a young age. I started reading and writing earlier than my classmates, and was always several reading grades ahead.

        Though I did not awaken until my college years, it was a gradual awakening like I’m sure most of us have had. Some of my current research interests include the twisting and perversions of Christianity into the version that we know it today, the perpetuation of occult symbology that is being placed in our media (the more I study the more I recognize) , and the hidden rise of Luciferianism and Satanism in the USA.

        On a different subject, and pertaining to something I heard you saying on a recent broadcast about donation beggars. I know enough now to know that if someone is telling you the truth they won’t ask for your money. All of these so called truth seekers that are mainstream seem to have several things in common; they never offer a course of solution, they always have things to sell, they always need your donations! I think many of us will now think twice before giving money to anyone in the truth movement.

        Take care,

        Kera M.

  7. good broadcast, really enjoyed it. What we need is more people who don’t care about making money to start their own blogs & radio shows. If someone’s telling you the truth they won’t ask for your money! We need people that can’t be bought physically or spiritually. I think too many of us (myself included) have been listeners & followers too long, its time we find out who the shills are, shut off their broadcasts and start up our own. And like you mentioned, we should forgive them if they repent but we consider them enemies until then and allowed to listen but not corrupt our information. If “they” can destroy what our ancestor’s built, poison our people, rape and pillage our lands, plot and carry through with mass exterminations, then we have an obligation to work towards the dismantling of this monster they have made.

  8. Wow man, I helped mama shop all last week and started Fri. night my 1st of 6 night shifts in a row and all hell’s broken loose on y’all!!!!! There are so many changes to/inconsistencies in the Sandy Hook story that us veteran researchers in reality know that the alarm bells are gonna go off….hence, time to look closer into the op!!!!! Good luck and Merry Christmas man, I’ll still be deciphering all that has transpired in the last week or so over the next few days!!!!!!

    • I hope things will settle down and folks realize they need to get involved…that’s how we beat them, stop following and everyone start leading. At least then the thoughts of the general public can be projected, right or wrong, it will be their thoughts…I agree with JFK and Senator Morse…give the public the facts and they can make the right decision, the problem is they are not getting the facts!
      NIce to see you are open minded about SH…if it is NOT a hoax it will not withstand scrutiny…time will tell I suppose…
      Have a great holiday too my friend!

  9. I like what you said in your recent broadcast about how one of these alternative media tricksters is certainly free to change their colors and join the true side of light. You would think that at least one person in a position of widespread fame and recognition would turn toward the light. We know that good is stronger than evil. Why can’t one of them have a crisis of faith where they realize and then start exposing the truth? Is it because all of them have been so carefully vetted before they even rise to that position? Where are the JFK’s, RFK’s, and MLK’s of our generation?

    • Great questions…personally I think its the fear factor of what they would do to a turncoat, even if one did have a change of heart, they know it would be the end of them. I thought I saw a look in Mark Dice’s eyes at the Bilderberg psy-op…when Kokesh went to interview him, MD looked like he really wasn’t that interested, as if he was thining what BS it all was…
      Do they not know love and affection? True friendship? Trust?
      Well, I know I’m not going to live that way.
      btw-YOU ARE the JFK and MLK of our generation, just like me and a million others…they just need to write/blog/video/talk about what is happening…if 10% joined us we’d have them licked in no time!
      Thanks for your support~HP

  10. Thanks for your encouraging words. I already have a blog about my brother’s murder, but I just started another one here on WordPress about alternative media and the world situation, inspired by your encouragement. I like your new time slot, as I will be more likely to listen live at that time. There is certainly nothing else worth listening to in that time slot anymore! :)

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