Plume-Gate Abstract

Plume-Gate Abstract

by Hatrick Penry


Here are the Plume-Gate basics, condensed into a short, easy to read abstract.

(below) From my book “Something Wicked This Way Comes: the Story of Plume-Gate the World’s Largest, Provable Cover-Up”: my assessment of initial conditions at the Fukushima Daiichi facility as found in the NRC FOIA documents.

0.0 intro sgt bull

(below) Also from my book: fundamentals of the cover-up I call Plume-Gate.

0.5 intro sgt bull

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: March 13th, 2011 NRC’s head of OPA, Eliot Brenner admits “While we know more than what these [press release, blog posts] say, we’re sticking to this story for now.”1 brenner calls for info control lockdown

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: evidence of subversion of the Freedom of Information Act. (Persons that know they are being recorded either censor themselves in real time or take the conversation offline altogether as seen in this transcript.)

2 subversion of FOIA

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: flawed modeling was based on 96 hours of emissions. Evidence in the NRC FOIAs reveal that plumes were still being measured (not modeled) at the end of the Month of March, 2011.

13  narac source term unit 4

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: the President’s case, a worst-case-scenario, included the three reactors and all four spent fuel pools but was also based on a short duration of 4-5 days of emissions. Also, it is important to note that I have found no evidence in the FOIAs of Plutonium being modeled, only Iodine-131 and Cesium-137.

4 unit 4 cont presidents case

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: March 16th, 2011 evidence that NRC officials were aware that conditions at the stricken Fukushima facility were much worse than they were willing to admit to the general public.


(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: a March 15th email confirms the worst has already happened “U2 ex-vessel, U4 zirc fire SFP, catastrophe”

7 unit 4 zirc fire catastrophe march 15th

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: March 15th, 2011 Japanese authorities admit the Unit 4 spent fuel pool is on fire and “…radioactivity is being released directly into the atmosphere.”

8 IAEA informed by Japanese on SFP unit 4 fire and radiation release 15 march 2011

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: NRC official Jennifer Uhle perpetuates the cover-up at a September, 2013 public meeting “…the Fukushima events did not result in any loss of inventory or caused any kind of heat-up in any of the spent fuel pools affected.”

9 sept 2013 public meeting uhle quote 4 book

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: 1) evidence (in her own words) contradicting NRC official Jennifer Uhle’s statement at a September, 2013 public meeting that the spent fuel pools at Fukushima did not suffer any ‘heat-up’ and 2) evidence that shows NRC officials and Naval reactors were still discussing ‘concrete ablation temperatures’ as late as March 21st, 2011…this is important because NRC officials recanted their initial position on conditions at Fukushima, especially in regards to the spent fuel pools, and offered the ‘fog-of-war’ excuse in that information was sketchy for the first 72 hours and that an honest mistake had been made in their assumptions. This is proof that far beyond that 72 hour time frame officials were still concerned with the ‘melt on the floor’ of the spent fuel at Unit 4.

10 March 21st navy reactors ablation concrete unit 4 (2)

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: Navy ships were not moved en masse to protect them from fallout, even though Navy and NRC officials were aware that plumes were a ‘repeated event’. Evidence in the NRC FOIAs reveal that a worst-case-scenario was considered, but never acted upon.

11 navy ships

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: evidence of ‘overconservatism’ in the transpacific modeling of doses to children (remember that modeling was based on short duration emissions of 4-5 days).

12 doses

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: evidence of ‘cherry-picking’ of source terms (sources of radioactive emissions) and plume/dose models.

uhle cherry pick

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: March 20th, 2011 NRC official Jim Wiggins discusses a White House request to run a model that will make President Obama’s Rose Garden speech true…3 days AFTER the speech has already been given. Remember that President Obama left for South America with family not long after his Rose Garden advisory…

pres rosegarden

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: Mark Schaffer (at IAEA) has requested permission to share the NRC SitRep (situation report) with the Chinese government…OIP was advised this document should not be shared…concerns with any plans to share the SitRep with the Chinese government are: 1) U.S. States have been denied access to this document, and 2) If we share the document with the Chinese government, this precedent could obligate us to honor requests from other international stakeholders as well… 

233 no share document MOX sludge

(below)  a map of NPPs in the US that sampled fallout from Fukushima. As far away as Lithuania detected aerosolized plutonium emissions from the disaster.

16 NPPs

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: data collected at US NPPs is secreted into a password protected database and is unavailable to the public at large.

17 NPPs

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: one of two emails from NRC official Gary Holahan pointing out that there are many non-seismically qualified spent fuel pools right here in the US.

18 non seismic close up 1

(below) NOT FROM THE FOIA DOCUMENTS: The Mangano/Sherman fatality index study reveals an increase in the death rate in the United States post Fukushima (note that these figures were conservative and later updated to reflect a higher number of fatalities). Similar findings occurred in 1986 following the Chernobyl meltdown.  

mangano sherman study

(below) NOT FROM THE NRC FOIA DOCUMENTS: From the bobby1 fatality index study…1.3 million Americans will die from Fukushima fallout by the year 2030. These figures are conservative estimates.

15 bobby1

Please take the time to read the book Something Wicked This Way Comes: the Story of Plume-Gate the World’s Largest, Provable Cover-Up (in pdf form) by clicking on this link.~HP

Approach, Infiltrate, Influence, Sabotage: Patterns of Deception in the ‘Alternative’ Media and ‘Anti’ Nuclear Movement

Approach, Infiltrate, Influence, Sabotage: 

Patterns of Deception in the ‘Alternative’ Media and ‘Anti’ Nuclear Movement 

By Hatrick Penry 




Experience #1

Back in February of 2012 online broadcaster Bob Tuskin approached my wife Debbie at her Father’s Laundromat and, after saying some nice things about my writing on FaceBook, asked if I might be interested in writing for The IntelHub (now The IntelliHub). When I heard the news I was very excited. I had never been published before. In fact, no one had really paid any attention to anything I had ever written except for my wife, my mother or my teachers from school. So I began to write for The IntelHub as a freelance writer who was upfront and vocal about NOT being in it for the money. I never accepted payment, even when Mr. Tuskin offered me ‘Federal notes’.

Until I wrote about Plume-Gate and the NRC FOIA documents I was happy as a writer for The IntelHub. When I began to write about the world’s largest, provable cover-up and the fact that the ‘alternative’ media was remaining silent on this incredible story, I noticed that someone began subtly modify my Plume-Gate articles (and only my Plume-Gate articles). Words were added or deleted from my titles. Sentences were shortened. I was being censored. (It was during this time I created the pen-name Hatrick Penry and wrote Operation Mockingbird Alternative Media Infiltration Exposed! I credit Alexander Higgins as the only one with the courage enough to publish what still to this day is the only legitimate critique of Alex Jones and his InfoWars operation.)

When I asked The IntelHub co-founder Alex Thomas why my Plume-Gate articles had been modified, he was evasive and avoided answering my questions. When I pointed this out, the fact that he would not explain why my articles had been modified and the fact I had asked the same questions more than once without receiving a proper answer, I was blocked on FaceBook (where we had been communicating), my 40+ articles were promptly deleted from The IntelHub website and any trace of my name was removed. (Author’s note:  interestingly enough, if you check out today’s The IntelliHub all traces of co-founder Alex Thomas have been removed as well…it’s as if he never worked there) 

“The petty man is eager to make boasts, yet desires that others should believe in him. He enthusiastically engages in deception, yet wants others to have affection for him. He conducts himself like an animal, yet wants others to think well of him.” ~Xun Zi


Experience #2

After my experience with The IntelHub I began to focus on FaceBook and my WordPress blog. My strategy was two-fold: report on the NRC FOIA documents and report on those who would not report on the NRC FOIA documents. During this time I became ‘friends’ with a person on FaceBook calling herself Julia Mitchell: she was very complimentary of my writing and told me everything I wanted to hear. She knew all about the infiltration of ‘alternative’ media and agreed with me on every point. I asked her to join my FaceBook group ‘COINTROLLPRO’ where I would be investigating the trolls and shills of the ‘alternative’ media. She accepted. At some point one of Julia Mitchell’s friends posted an article on FaceBook that stated Fukushima fallout would NOT reach the United States and that we had nothing to fear. In response, I posted 5-6 of my Plume-Gate articles in his thread.

My punishment for so doing was swift and severe. I was immediately ‘un-friended’ and blocked by both of these characters. Julia Mitchell went on to write an article in the ‘Examiner’ stating that I was an undercover COINTELPRO agent (COINTELPRO stands for Counter Intelligence Program). I can’t say I was shocked or that this was something new: Ed Chiarini (aka: dallasgoldbug) had already attacked and slandered me by saying I was an Illuminati actor who played Mark Dice, Danger Ehram (from the movie Jackass), Sheppard Ambellas and several other characters after I wrote to him to ask about The IntelHub and Alex Jones.

“People always overdo the matter when they attempt deception.” ~Charles Dudley Warner

Experience #3

In November of 2012 I began to receive messages in my BlogTalkRadio message box from a man named Pete Santilli. Mr. Santilli, also a broadcaster, praised my radio show and my writing and claimed he was on a crusade to expose Alex Jones as a fraud. Mr. Santilli pointed to a video on YouTube claiming that InfoWars hired former STRATFOR employee Molly Maroney and went on to claim that he had inside information that STARTFOR was a CIA front. It wasn’t long before Mr. Santilli asked if I would be a regular on his Friday broadcast and I accepted his invitation.

Everything was fine and I had a great time until one week of Mr. Santilli’s broadcasts began with an interview of two characters (Stewart Rhodes and Sheriff Richard Mack) who had just been interviewed by Alex Jones at InfoWars (one within just 24 hours). In an article titled ‘Why I quit the Pete Santilli Show’ I asked hard questions:

“Who has the connections to land these two characters? Why would Mr. Santilli draw from the same shill circuit as Alex Jones? Why would they do this knowing how I (and many others) feel about the trolls that work for Jones? Why would Mr. Santilli invite me on his show and then pull a stunt like this? Isn’t that called ‘hanging someone out to dry’? Did they not think someone would make the connection? Isn’t it hypocritical to harp on Alex Jones over the acquisition of Molly Maroney and then interview two long-time guests (and good friends) of Alex Jones?”


I never got answers from Mr. Santilli but I did get slandered by him: he broadcast that he ‘fired’ me, accused me of being a COINTELPRO agent and then proceeded to attack me in a bizarre tabloid style article.

“The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him” ~Proverbs 18:17

Experience #4

In 2013 (not sure of exact date) I receive in my YouTube inbox a message from Jann Brooks, aka: MrsMilkytheclown (MMTC). She praises my work in her message and during a subsequent phone call (the only one we would ever have) claimed she knew of another NRC FOIA researcher and suggested she have him call me. I agreed.

This is when I first came to know Shane Russell (aka: Shazzam or Shazzamm1971 on YouTube). Again, he told me everything I wanted to hear. My broadcasts were awesome, my videos were amazing, my articles fabulous. Mr. Russell suggested we work together and, as he seemed knowledgeable in not only NRC FOIA documents (providing an Adam link and link to a FOIA primer I had never seen and had no clue about) but in nuclear power and nuclear power plants in general, I accepted (and, after all, he was recommended by MMTC).

For several months I never suspected Mr. Russell of being anything other than what he claimed he was: another NRC FOIA researcher interested in shutting down nuclear power forever and bringing the participants in the cover-up I called Plume-Gate to justice. I spoke openly and freely with Mr. Russell on the phone as I always have with anyone, phone call or not. We exchanged information and theories and Mr. Russell would often send me screencaptures from the NRC FOIA documents or send links to whole files (it wasn’t until December of 2013 that another NRC FOIA researcher, Maureen Burke, informed me that most of Mr. Russell’s FOIA screencaptures originated from her and that he was taking the credit for her work).

It wasn’t until the day of my interview on Michael C. Ruppert’s ‘The Lifeboat Hour’ that Mr. Russell began to show his hand. When I logged onto FaceBook that day I was shocked to find that he had gone on Mr. Ruppert’s FaceBook page and began an argument with Mr. Ruppert himself…an argument that climaxed in Mr. Russell being blocked by Mr. Ruppert.

SR on MCR 1 - Copy

Mind you on the day of the biggest interview of my life, an interview that undoubtedly would raise Plume-Gate awareness to a whole new level, my ‘partner’ appeared as if he was doing his best to get me booted off the show. Why would he risk the chance to broadcast Plume-Gate to the world over an argument with Michael Ruppert? Why risk angering the man who was about to interview me that evening? In a message to Mr. Russell that same day I asked if he was trying to get me booted off the show and couldn’t he argue over coal and oil and alternative energy with Mr. Ruppert TOMORROW when the interview was over?

Around the time of my interview on The Lifeboat Hour (not sure exactly when but right around that time frame) I received a phone call from Mr. Russell wherein I was told a fantastic tale about a meeting between Arnie Gundersen (of Fairewinds Associates) and Jann Brooks (MrsMilkeytheclown from YouTube). I will repeat the story from memory as Mr. Russell was careful to only tell it to myself and Maureen Burke (a fellow NRC FOIA researcher) over the phone (also in phone conversations with two other individuals who confirm they were told the same story):

According to Mr. Shane Russell:


Because MMTC hosts Arnie Gundersen’s Fairewinds videos on a regular basis she eventually makes contact with Maggie Gundersen who arranges a meeting between Jann Brooks (MMTC) and Mr. Gundersen. Mr. Gundersen is in Michigan (where Jann Brooks lives) for the Ferme NPP court case, so the meeting is a convenient one. Before the meeting, Mr. Gundersen calls to make final arrangements with MMTC who seems to think that Mr. Gundersen sounded intoxicated on alcohol over the phone.


For the lunch date with Mr. Gundersen, MMTC will be joined by Christina Consolo (aka: Radchick) a former radio broadcaster and self-proclaimed anti-nuclear activist who also lives in Michigan. Before the luncheon, the three meet and, as the story goes, Mr. Gundersen is acting like a ‘giddy schoolgirl’ and MMTC thinks he has been drinking alcohol.


During the lunch meet Mr. Gundersen leaves twice to call his wife and is acting very strangely. Christina Consolo (Radchick) attempts to land a job with Fairewinds Associates. After the meeting, the three go their own way. MMTC ends up in an old bookstore and while searching through the section pertaining to nuclear power she stumbles upon an old letter from the company that owns Ferme. The letter, an original not a copy, contains incriminating information that proves Ferme is cutting costs in the safety department: this is exactly what the court case Mr. Gundersen is involved in is about-Ferme cutting the safety budget and the effects of doing so. Realizing this is an incredible stroke of luck, Jann Brooks (MMTC) calls Mr. Gundersen to inform him of her find. A second meeting is arranged between Jann Brooks and Mr. Gundersen.


At the second meeting Mr. Gundersen refuses a copy of the incriminating letter and insists on having the original. When MMTC refuses to turn over the original, Mr. Gundersen attempts to snatch the letter from her hand. Unsuccessful in his brazen attempt to take the original letter by force, Mr. Gundersen says he does not want a copy and is no longer interested in the information. The meeting ends.


This all caused me quite a bit of angst: I could say nothing as it is all hearsay to me but I kept asking myself: why would Mr. Russell and Jann Brooks remain quiet on such blockbuster information so critical to the anti-nuclear movement? The story would likely have ended here if it were not for my wife who, after hearing me grumble and complain for 2-3 weeks about the whole situation wrote Jann Brooks (MMTC) in an attempt to find out what the truth was.

1 deb to mmtc letter

In her response Jann Brooks tells a completely different story: she did meet with Arnie Gundersen, the meeting was amicable, and AG parts with the documentation without incident.

Note that in my wife’s letter she does not name the name of the source of the story, but a) MMTC must know it is Mr. Russell who she knows I have semi-regular phone conversations with and who she does as well and b) MMTC immediately forwards my wife’s letter to Mr. Russell (who forwards it to me and to Kevin Blanch) so that he is aware of the situation. To be sure, MMTC was quick to let the cat out of the bag and seemed not to be worried at all that someone was spreading such outrageous rumors about her and Mr. Gundersen (in fact this last week Jann Brooks friended Mr.  Russell on Facebook). Interestingly enough, any chance to observe Mr. Russell’s future actions without him knowing about what I had found out was ruined when MMTC made him immediately aware. Also, there was mention of a late night phone call with MMTC the night she forwarded my wife’s letter to Mr. Russell but I never could get Mr. Russell to tell me what the phone call was about.

Realizing that the ‘cat was out of the bag’ I confronted Mr. Russell with this information and began asking questions.

2 BS

6 BS

9 BS

As of yet, I have NOT received a proper answer from any of the persons involved in this case. Instead, a campaign of baseless attacks and slander has been mounted against me by everyone involved.


1 Jrae

2 jrae

3 jrae

(below) Certain person=Christina Consolo aka: RadChick

shazzam on mmtc and radchick

Update: (2/21/14) In a message to my wife on FaceBook Kevin Blanch now admits the fantastic tale of Arnie Gundersen DID COME FROM JANN BROOKS. Interestingly enough, Mr. Blanch has sat on this fact for weeks while Jann Brooks, Shane Russell and others attacked and slandered me in what appears to be an orchestrated effort (including Mr.Blanch’s video cursing at me and calling me a shill). Why did Mr. Blanch keep quiet when he knew the whole time that Jann Brooks was the origin of the fabricated story? What kind of person(s) act in such a deceptive manner? Was the fantastic tale of Arnie Gundersen an attempt to bait me into reporting on something I had no proof of?  Imagine if I had been stupid enough to write an article or post a video telling the Jann Brooks story of drunken Arnie trying to snatch the documents from her hand…could Mr. Gundersen then have sued me for slander or defamation of character?

Again, Jann Brooks is angry with me for ‘attacking’ her, but all I did was ask about the fantastic tale of Arnie Gundersen and it was never an attack, I never used vulgarity or harsh tones…only asked questions TO WHICH THEY ALL KNEW THE ANSWSER BUT DID THEIR BEST TO OBFUSCATE MY INVESTIGATION.

“…I repeated the story Jann told me to Shane in a very innocent way…” ~Kevin Blanch 2/21/14

It is important to note that 1) Jann Brooks finances Mr. Blanch and 2) although Mr. Blanch says that “Gundersen is worthless” his ‘Post Ignorance’ website links to an article that quotes and promotes Arnie Gundersen AND the Unit 4 offload hoax. This fact was brought to Mr. Blanches attention over a month ago.

Again, I hope you understand that the fantastic tale of Arnie Gundersen is not some ‘innocent’ story being told for fun and games. I have been very effective at debunking Arnie Gundersen and it is widely known that as a result I (and my wife for that matter) have been blacklisted from groups like the Coalition Against Nuclear and InfoWars…places that Arnie is welcome but because I have pointed out the fact he downplays and dismisses the NRC FOIAs I am banned for life. I’ve no doubt that Mr. Gundersen would like to see me silenced. Remember that with the help of Michael C. Ruppert, I forced Mr. Gundersen to address the contents of the NRC FOIAs…this is how I debunked him. Could it be possible that Jann Brooks works for Mr. Gundersen? We know she meets with Mr. Gundersen personally and she continues to host his videos even after I have thoroughly debunked Mr. Gundersen and explained how controlled opposition works. If Mr. Blanch is financed by Jann Brooks and Jann Brooks takes her orders from Mr. Gundersen it all begins to make sense. This would explain why Mr. Blanch knew the whole time that Jann Brooks was the originator of the story but chose to not only remain silent, but to attack and slander me in a video and call me a shill.

Here is a link to my free book on controlled opposition…please take the time to read so you can identify the troll dens and shill networks for yourself.

“The new freedom of expression brought by the Internet goes far beyond politics. People relate to each other in new ways, posing questions about how we should respond to people when all that we know about them is what we have learned through a medium that permits all kinds of anonymity and deception.” ~Peter Singer 

Final Words:

I hope all of you will understand that this is the FOURTH time that this has happened to me, that is to say, I feel my confidence was gained by someone in an effort to later sabotage my credibility or control some aspect of my work. In each instance I have been careful to document everything that happened. I have written multiple articles in an effort to keep the public aware. I hope you understand that once again, a pattern I recognize has unfolded before my eyes and I must be cautious and protect myself and my work. I have no choice but to disassociate myself from these characters.

Finally, I am not going to stop extending trust to people. If consequently you trick, deceive or lie to me, I see the fault as being yours, not mine. Normal humans love and trust one another. I want to remain a normal human. ~HP


Related article by Glenn Greenwald:  How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Alternative Media Meltdown: my experiences with and an examination of controlled opposition in the United States

(click the link below to read my book in pdf form)

Alternative Media Meltdown: my experiences with and an examination of controlled opposition in the United States

(dedicated to Alexander Higgins: the man who published me when no one else would)

op alt mockingbird

Hatrick Penry exposes the Fukushima Unit 4 spent fuel offload hoax

Watch in HD if you can.

I want to be perfectly clear: those promoting the Fukushima Unit 4 spent fuel offload hoax are ALSO the same media outlets that refuse to report on the NRC FOIA documents. Those FOIAs were being released as early as June of 2011. Follow the link to my book below to find out what these wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing media outlets are intentionally NOT reporting on. Yes, the infiltration of our media IS THAT WIDESPREAD.

The only way to beat them is for the American Public to become investigators and reporters themselves…why do we let them decide what the topic of the day will be?

TEPCO’s press release:

ABC Nightline visits Unit 4:,p0,d1

CBS News report on Unit 4 offload:

Something Wicked This Way Comes: the Story of Plume-Gate the World’s Largest Provable Cover-up in PDF:

Over 100 pages of NRC FOIA evidence that contradicts the official story of a spent fuel offload at Fukushima Unit 4 go to page 183:

Offload hoax video playlist:

NRC FOIA document 1 (used for this video):

NRC FOIA document 2 (used for this video):

Video: About Arnie Gundersen and the NRC FOIA documents

(Watch in 720p, full screen, pause to read)

According to one of the precepts to Zen Buddhism, when the need arises to be critical of a person or group I am to ask myself three things:
1) what is my motivation
2) what is the content of what I will be saying and
3) who am I speaking to?

My motive stems from a desire to save lives and prevent cancers by shutting down all nuclear power plants.The content is an examination of Mr. Arnie Gundersen’s video of 12/11/13, some of his history and connections, and a rebuttal in the form of NRC FOIA evidence and my testimony. I am speaking to anyone concerned about Fukushima, Plume-Gate or nuclear power in general.

About Mr. Gundersen: First of all he is pro-nuclear. If you want to end nuclear power, consider supporting someone who is open and vocal about systematically shutting down, decommissioning all nuclear plants and dry-casking the fuel as soon as possible.This is simple logic.

Now, ask yourself why none of these groups or people did what I did to expose what is in the NRC FOIA documents? Why have they not ‘showcased’ or ‘highlighted’ Plume-Gate or the items on my 12 point list? Why do they promote the Unit 4 spent fuel offload hoax? Why did Arnie Gundersen ‘accidentally’ post redacted documents online he was allowed to see in the San Onofre case, almost having it thrown out of court?

Understand the job of controlled opposition. They want you to go to THEIR website, to THEIR documents and to THEIR disinformation (90% accurate/10% bunk). They want you to follow their ‘truthers’ and their ‘alternative’ media figureheads. They will not expose the worst-of-the-worst. They want to slow down the flow of information. It’s a hoax. A con job. Always consider the billions and billions of dollars at the disposal of the energy companies. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Here is an article on Entergy spending millions to convince the public that relicensing Indian Point NPP is a good thing to do (yes it is an NRC FOIA document where you can see they are concerned about who is writing what about nuclear power).

Fukushima Unit 4 hoax underway

Final analysis on Unit 4 hoax, evidence on Unit 3, Plume-Gate highlights

Achilles Heel: 13 Reasons why Establishment Forces Utilize Controlled Opposition

“Operation Mockingbird Style Alternative Media Infiltration Exposed!!!”

Here is my article on controlled opposition…learn my methods for identifying the shill networks “Operation Mockingbird Style YouTube and FaceBook Infiltrations Exposed!!!”

Something Wicked This Way Comes: The story of Plume-Gate, the world’s largest, provable cover-up (every point in my 12 point list can be found here with documentation)

Believe Mr. Gundersen or see for yourself… “Fear and Loathing on Fukushima Unit 4″ page 181

May 11th, 2012 prisonplanet complete episode:

Arnie Gundersen’s video of 12/11/13

Fukushima Unit 4 hoax underway

“The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” ~Morpheus

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence—on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.
Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” ~John F. Kennedy April 27th, 1961

BBC article:

TEPCO report from 11/18/13:

TEPCO handout with pictures:

The ultimate collection of NRC FOIA information on Unit 4….Fear and Loathing on Fukushima Unit 4:

See for yourself….the NRC FOIA documents pertaining to Fukushima:

Something Wicked This Way Comes: The story of Plume-Gate, the world’s largest, provable cover-up:

1 Day Before Fukushima: NRC and Japanese “Utility Execs” participate in “incident response”

1) Is a rogue faction planning operations around known drills and exercises? or

2) Is a rogue faction planning drills/exercises at the same time as their operations (I.E.: shootings, bombings, man-made weather phenomenon and earthquakes etc.)

Debunking ‘Alternative’ media disinformation on Fukushima Unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool

Debunking ‘Alternative’ media disinformation on Fukushima Unit 4 SFP

by Hatrick Penry


aj psy op

(above: psy-op logo)

The same ‘alternative’ media outlets who have refused to report on Plume-Gate and the NRC FOIA documents seem to be promoting, in an organized and orchestrated fashion,  disinformation regarding the situation with the Fukushima Unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool. A perpetual Unit 4 ‘doomsday’ scenario is being promoted on a regular basis. If it’s not the threat of Unit 4 collapsing and destroying all life on Earth it’s the threat of an accident during the offloading of spent fuel bundles from Unit 4 causing certain doom for our planet. The problem with this is, according to what I have read thus far in the NRC FOIA documents pertaining to Fukushima, the worst of the worst has already happened with the Unit 4 SFP…a complete loss of coolant and a zirconium cladding fire. The result would likely have been melted fuel rods and a mass of super-heated corium.

The purpose of this organized campaign of disinformation and fear-mongering is to convince you that the worst of the worst has NOT already happened with the Unit 4 spent fuel pool and the bundles of fuel rods stored there. By extension, this is just another facet of the gem of a cover-up I call Plume-Gate.

To be clear: I would like to stress that I do not have absolute proof that the fuel rods at the Unit 4 spent fuel pool have melted and are irretrievable. But what I can tell you is that everything I have read thus far in the NRC FOIA documents stands in direct contradiction to what we are being told by these ‘alternative’ media outlets. Please examine the evidence and decide for yourself…

(below) NaturalNews propaganda and fear mongering from May 6th, 2012.

0.1 unit 4 propaganda 2


(below) More propaganda from October 16th, 2012. This time Unit 4  is ‘…on verge of complete collapse’.

0.2 unit 4 propaganda


(below) Fast forward to 2013…the deception continues…and the fear mongering!

1 intellihub on sfp 4

(below) Satellite stations on FaceBook and YouTube parrot the original article. If you’ve read one of these reports on Unit 4, you’ve read them all.

2 intellihub propaganda

(below) Known disinformation outlet RT refuses to report on Plume-Gate and the NRC FOIA documents but isn’t above a bit of fear mongering…

2.5 radchick debunked 1

(below) Disinformation and gatekeeping king Alex Jones continues to regurgitate the same old propaganda and fear mongering. Interestingly enough, Mr. Jones knows all about the NRC FOIA documents…because I sent him all the information, even haunting his YouTube videos and ‘calling him out’ when it became obvious he was purposefully avoiding Plume-Gate. Why won’t he reveal what the NRC FOIA documents say about Unit 4?

4 unit 4 BS aj


(below) February of 2012: I send InfoWars everything they need to know about Plume-Gate and the cover-up and conspiracy indicated in the NRC FOIA documents. There is no excuse for the so-called leader in ‘alternative’ media to remain ignorant and promote inaccurate information this late in the game, especially when the facts were handed to them on a silver platter back in February of 2012. The sad fact is, as I put the finishing touches on my book about Plume-Gate in late August of 2013, InfoWars has yet to read or report on one word from the FOIA documents.

I advise Infowars about plume gate 28th of Feb


(below) From the NRC FOIA documents pertaining to Fukushima: “U4 situation is deteriorating, SFP water inventory is lost.”

12 sfp4 water inventory is lost down to the 50

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: “…U4 zirc fire SFP, catastrophe”

30Japan you still here

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: March 29th…lighting just now being returned to U4 control room. A prolonged station blackout is the worst case scenario at a nuclear power plant.

50 march 29 zeolite unit 4 dose rates


(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: NRC was adamant that SFP 4 had lost all water.

55 march 17 unit 4

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: discussion of the core interacting with concrete…

100  fluffy bunny rabbits and flowers (1) - Copy

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: more discussion of Unit 4 melted fuel and interaction with concrete…

101 fluffy bunny rabbits and unit 4 sublimation

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: “…the assumption on 4, unfortunately, it’s still too close to real.” Also note the mention of no steam coming off Unit 4…this indicates a ‘boil off’ of the water inventory.


(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: “…we included 100-percent fuel destruction on the Unit 4 pool…”


(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: No steam off Unit 4 for days indicates a boil-off of the water inventory.


(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: No steaming off Unit 4 since early in the event…


(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: more discussion of melted fuel interacting with concrete.


(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: “…quite frankly we still think 4 is a melt on the floor in there.”


(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: even more discussion of melted fuel interacting with concrete…


(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: March 27th, 2011…Unit 4 still without power…

185 march 27 conditions unit 4

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: April 8th, 2011…

unit 4 status april 8th

(below) Everything you ever wanted to know about a zirconium cladding fire but were afraid to ask.

190 zirconium cladding fire described

(below) A search of the internet for ‘zirconium fire’ yields this TEPCO picture.

200 zirc fire 3 n 4

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: an email to Marty Virgillio from March 17th, 2011…Alion’s Chairman and CEO will provide technical assistance with ‘junk shot’ patch of the crack in Unit 4…

2003 junk shot sfp unit 4

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: Stopping the Leak at Fukushima.

2004 junk shot sfp unit 4 part 2

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: “Proposal to handle dried Spent fuel pool.docx”. Note that SFP releases will be mostly radioactive gasses such as Xenon and Krypton.

2009 dried spent fuel pool

(below) My apologies for the next 3 pictures…I didn’t have screencapture back when I took these in 2011. This modeling was done by NILU and represents Xenon distribution over North America on May 10th, 2011.

2010 Xe-133 over USA on 5.10.2011

(below) Another NILU model of Xenon (Xe-133), it’s hard to see but the map is of the coast of China and Taiwan. The spent fuel pool at Unit 4 would have produced incredible amounts of Xenon if the fuel assemblies melted.

2015 Xe-133 over Taiwan 5.11.2011

(below) From NILU. Modeling of Xe-133 over Europe from 4.18.11. ZOIKES!!!

2020 Xe-133 over USA 4.18.2011

(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: evidence that the fuel storage pond at Unit 4 was on fire and releasing radioactivity directly into the atmosphere.

IAEA informed by Japanese on SFP unit 4 fire and radiation release 15 march 2011

Fukushima (song demo)

Fukushima it’s like a bad dreama
the cracks are beginning to show
media blackout, hiding the fallout
the criminal conspiracy grows

Acute radiation, jet stream migration
headed for the U.S. of A
politicians went all-out, authorities stalled-out
the cover-up was well underway

Radiation warning? That sounds alarming
tell them everything is O.K.
multiple meltdowns? FEMA told to stand-down
crush anyone in our way

An army of liars to hide the nuclear fires
yes we own everyone on TV
online resistance is rendered defenseless
by our cyber security teams

Fukushima it’s like a bad dreama
the melting fuel rods will flow
fallout is global, more than Chernobyl
so the criminal conspiracy grows

As life fades away, what can we say
except that mankind never learns
repeating the cycle, reliving our downfall
until the whole world is burned

Pacific Rim: how and why radiation from Fukushima entered the world’s largest ocean

Pacific Rim: how and why radiation from Fukushima entered the world’s largest ocean

A video presentation by Hatrick Penry

japanese tsunami art

Link to video presentation found here.

Screencaptures of the NRC FOIA documents that are seen in the above video may be viewed at your leisure in the gallery below.

Important links:

Cesium, iodine and tritium in NW Pacific waters — a comparison of the Fukushima impact with global fallout

Impacts of the Fukushima nuclear power plant discharges on the ocean (multiple studies found here)

WSJ: Soaring radioactivity levels on coast of Fukushima plant — Nuclear material may have leeched from melted fuel cores and into environment:

Officials report “troubling discovery” at Fukushima nuclear plant: Cesium levels rocket 9,000% over 3 days in groundwater — TEPCO “can’t explain it”




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