Why I quit the Pete Santilli Show

Why I quit the Pete Santilli Show

By Hatrick ‘Hattie’ Penry


sheriff mack and jones

“For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. They will reject the truth and chase after myths.” 

2 Timothy 4:3-4

People are asking why I quit the Pete Santilli Show and they have a right to know. The reasons: hypocrisy and consorting with the enemy. Plain and Simple. How can Pete complain about Alex Jones’ aquisition of Molly Maroney, when he is drawing from the same shill circuit as InfoWars? Even to the point of interviewing Stewart Rhodes the day after Alex Jones. How is this possible? They must have known that I would have a serious problem with this, right? They must have known I cannot and will not associate myself with anyone in the Alex Jones shill-circuit, right? I can only tell you that I was shocked and dismayed. I thought this project would be different.

The video of the interview of Mr. Rhodes by Alex Jones, from Sunday the 16th, is titled: Repealing The 2nd Amendment Would Start Another Civil War.  Mr. Santilli’s interview of Mr. Rhodes is titled Episode #298 – Sheriff Mack & Stewart Rhodes Discuss The Gun Grab.

1 bogus

Interestingly enough, Sheriff Richard Mack, another long-time guest seen in-studio at the InfoWars location, was interviewed the same day, and prior to, Mr. Rhodes interview by Mr. Santilli.

On Wednesday the 19th, Stewart Rhodes bounced back to Alex Jones for another interview and can be seen in a video titled: Gun Owners Face Their Greatest Single Threat to Liberties Since 1775.

At no time did Mr. Santilli question Mr. Rhodes about Alex Jones. At no time did Mr. Jones question Mr. Rhodes about Mr. Santilli.

pete offer 2

(Bob Tuskin offered me ‘federal notes’…here is Pete’s offer from the day before his Rhodes/Mack interview…is this an attempt to ‘buy my silence’? Dear satan: please stop trying to buy my soul…it is NOT for sale)

How is this possible? Who has the connections to land these two characters? Why would Mr. Santilli draw from the same shill circuit as Alex Jones? Why would they do this knowing how I (and many others) feel about the trolls that work for Jones? Why would Mr. Santilli invite me on his show and then pull a stunt like this? Isn’t that called ‘hanging someone out to dry’? Did they not think someone would make the connection? Isn’t it hypocritical to harp on Alex Jones over the aquisition of Molly Maroney and then interview two long-time guests (and good friends) of Alex Jones? If Dr. Judy Wood and her work is so important, why did Mr. Santilli essentially discredit her by having  Stewart Rhodes and Sheriff Mack, on the very next show?

I am NOT a coincidence theorist, nor am I a fool.  And while I cannot prove Mr. Santilli is a shill for having interviewed Sheriff Mack and Steweart Rhodes anymore than Mr. Santilli (or myself for that matter) could prove Alex Jones is a Stratfor shill by his aquisition of Molly Maroney, I cannot and will not allow my reputation to become further tarnished with such hypocrisy.

Thus it is with great dissapointment AND sadness that I must withdraw from Mr. Santilli’s show and withdraw my support as well. I hope you will understand.

pete vulgarpete true colors 5


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About hatrick penry

Articles/photographs found here may be posted in their entirity without modification, just mention my name/blog and post a link back to me.~HP Bio My name is Antony Rudolph Muga and I am a writer/musician hailing from Gainesville, Florida. My father is Dr. Marvin Luis Muga, a retired nuclear physicist from the University of Florida. My mother, Ann Muga, worked for the Florida Park Service and the Department of Natural Resources for many years. I have two brothers, my younger brother David is deceased (1970-2005) and Luis, my older brother, works for the Hillsborough County Sheriff near Tampa. My Uncle Teddy, from my Dad’s side of the family is a retired Navy pilot with over 40,000 flight hours…he and his wife Nelisse are the founders of San Diegans for 9/11 Truth. Uncle Teddy has had everyone from Chalmers Johnson to Richard Gage over for dinner and conversation. I am very proud of Uncle Teddy and Aunt Nelisse. My Uncle Bruce, again on my father’s side of the family, teaches at Duke University and my Uncle David teaches in Washington State at Skagit Valley College. My Aunt Delores was a professor as well before she passed away. She cooked the best enchiladas on Earth. On my mother’s side, I have some great relatives as well: My Uncle JD Wiggins is a former Navy Seal and ROTC drill instructor. Don’t mess with him…he would bounce my 6 foot 7 tall, 235 pound self on my head if he wanted. My Uncle Buddy Wiggins was a retired Colonel, US Navy, and served faithfully during Vietnam AND Korea. I won’t forget his stories. He was a helicopter pilot. My Uncle Charles is a former employee of Tropicana, a hard worker who is loved by all and his sister, my Aunt Sue, is a retired homemaker and wife of Uncle Junior (RIP)…a true humanitarian. Those two never turned away a hungry mouth or cold body when they needed food or shelter. My Aunt Lucille passed away many years ago, she was the wife of a Navy officer (Uncle Wendy), and she was a very sweet natured person. Finally, but by no means least, my Uncle Winston Wiggins, also passed away, was a true lover of nature. The squirrels in his yard were all his friends, he fed them by hand. He loved the woods of Dixie County, where my Mom’s side of the family grew up. They all grew up dirt poor. My wife is Debbie Muga, a beautiful angel sent to me from heaven above. I was still a wild, immature punk when I met her…she took me in and let me change at my own pace, rather than try to force me to become someone of greater character over-night. Debbie has three sons, Jeremy, Ryan and Jason, who are my best friends…we have all had some really great times together. They also shared in the tragic death of my younger brother in 2005. When I found his body, well it changed me forever. I began a search for the truth, a search for life after death and a search for an explanation of what we call ‘life’. I really did make an about-face change after 2005, it didn’t happen all at once; first I had to shun all the ‘friends’ I had ever known. They still used drugs and drank heavily, something I was determined to be done with. Just like a prisoner can’t rehab in a prison full of criminals, I could never get myself clean because I continued to associate with the wrong characters. So I ditched them. After a while they realized I was never coming back and quit coming by my house and knocking on a door I would never answer again. My agnostic tendencies were slowly fading away as I began a rigorous course of study-online and with books, lots of books. I nearly completed my AA degree at Santa Fe College, but when I had to teach my 24 year old Political Science teacher throughout the course…culminating in a test with the name Khomeini spelled wrong (it WAS the right answer, but it was spelled wrong), I knew that quality teachers were on their way out, and cheaper ones were on their way in. Some of my professors could not speak fluent English. I decided to concentrate on my education, instead of my schooling. My education would have to continue on my own although I did have some teachers worth mentioning: English: Dr. Winkle and Dr. D’Ortona; Anthropology: Dr Stuart MacRae; Guitar: Jeff ‘Lightning’ Ladenheim (also instructed my brother Dave on guitar); Mathematics: Dr. Tim McGraw; Philosophy: Dr. Bradley…I remember you guys forever. Thank you for shaping and molding me into the proper form. I began to believe in a divine creator only recently…after studying complexity, evolution, creationism, matrix philosophy (Google: Spider goat and monkey with 5 parents for examples of creationism happening right now) and the singularity. When I found that the name ‘Jesus’ is not the true name of the Messiah I really began to wonder…why would they hide his name if he was never real or genuine? When I began to pray to Yahuah (the Father) and Yahusha (the Son) things began to change for me. I really felt as if guided by an unseen hand. I prayed to do battle with my enemies on a level field. I was about to go for the ride of my life. This is when I was picked up by The Intel Hub to write for the ‘alternative’ media. Not long after I broke the ‘Plume-Gate’ story, I discovered the ‘alternative’ media had been largely infiltrated. I knew this when my articles were modified and tampered with, up to the point where Alex Jones quoted me, but gave credit to Alexander Higgins. Of course, I had already written two articles (the one questioning Jones I wrote under an assumed name-Hatrick Penry) questioning Jones and others: ‘Plume-Gate Shocker: Media Silence raises Troubling Questions’ and the ever-popular ‘Operation Mockingbird Style Alternative Media Infiltration Exposed’. The name Muga, if searched, would lead you right to these thought provoking stories. I found out you are not allowed to criticize or question the alternative media and when I did begin to ask about why my stories had been modified/tampered with, The Intel Hub co-founder, Alex Thomas, deleted over 40+ articles I had written in one fell swoop. My questions remained unanswered. I carefully documented all my experiences and have multiple videos and essays where I tell the whole story. And I am writing a book. Everyone needs to know that the alternative media is corrupt. Your depth sound is the Plume-Gate cover-up, the largest provable conspiracy known to mankind, with thousands of fatalities as a result of criminal negligence and yet, no one wants to showcase this in the alternative media. Not much of an alternative if you ask me. Recently, I have found several figureheads in the independent media are controlled opposition as well. Deception is at an all-time high. On the bright side, I realized that the alternative media had been infiltrated and coopted just like the mainstream media or any genuine movement or organization, for that matter. Since then I have taken it upon myself to be one of the few critics of alternative news media and guess what happened to me then? I guess I got too close to the truth, and I was attacked and slandered by several shady characters online; if you follow in my footsteps it will happen to you as well. They are there waiting for you right now and if you get close enough to the truth they will do their best to discredit and disillusion you. Expect to be slandered (they know there is no policing of the net, so slander away!) and have false accusations leveled against you. I have come to know that this is what the trolls, shills, gatekeepers and disinformation agents do for a living. And your taxes pay them a salary. What can you do about it? Retort to the accusations once, if you must, but keep your head up and continue letting your good works speak for you. The truth will always win out. Always. They know this and want to discourage you from participating in any effort that would bring positive change to this world. I am currently writing ‘Alternative Media Meltdown’, a book about my experiences, and am available on a limited basis for interviews or radio shows IF you are legit. I’d also like to host a radio show, but I have found most broadcasting networks are carefully controlled and they decide who gets in and who doesn’t. If you talk about Plume-Gate and the Alternative Media infiltration, you likely will never be interviewed. Also please visit my YouTube channel, or find me on FaceBook. Peace and Love- HP FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos and articles may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode

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  1. I told you pete was a piece of shit, glad you see the light.

    • Oh he’s showing his true colors right now and I’ve been ignoring his myriad messages and he keeps calling, messaging and emailing. Last email titled: merry christmas you effing pigs.
      Total class act, huh?

  2. The Dec 23 email from Pete is all the proof you need. Glad you didn’t get in deeper with them before the truth became obvious. A sincere truth-seeker would not respond in that way. They are losing control and freaking out. Love your second herd explanation. Now they are trying to figure out what to do with the next herd, which is not allowing itself to be herded.

  3. So many layers of deception, so little class…..what a wicked web they weave, these shills intending to deceive.

    • I agree, its tiring…best I can do is just do my own thing…I’m not ‘troll-hunting’ anymore…folks need to aquire the skills to think critically and then get involved and quit relying on others for info as little as possible…
      Have great holiday!

  4. Hattie as soon as you wrote that blog I uploaded it to beforeitsnews…Pete is able to control YOUTUBE chan and cookies and lots more. This is how they make their money and he bragged about it on todays or yesterdays show.

    He even said ‘you don’t know who I work for’
    Is he even a flippin Marine?
    I don’t think so. Mr. PETE SANTILLI and associates? and I guarantee, sorry to say, this man is a JEW and not the Jew kind that Jesus was.

  5. Incredible Hatrick! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Years ago ,I was a fan of A.J.,until I learned what was up. I still will listen,but with a grain of salt. I knew Santelli was a shill when I first heard a program of his a few months back,it was obvious after 10 minutes. I was looking into Sheriff Mack,and Rhoades,and what I found was the same ol shit. I must say I am disappointed in Mack,but I can see how they justify it to themselves. I could explain it to you and you would see it all plain as day. It would all make sense,but I’m not sure you even would want to know..Ill check back later

  7. The thing is,we have all been so duped,it is truly an Orwellian situation. I admit freely I was duped,many wont . History has been denied to us…A few important events in particular…the black slave trade,the Bolshevick revolution,and WWII.

    First just take a few minutes to browse over some archived N.Y. Times articles,you dont even need to read them,unless you want to. It shouldnt take long to see who has complete control of your media. I mean tv,radio,newspapers,magazines,book publishing and domination of Hollywood… Just go to this site,and there is a search engine at the top left of the page…enter “6,000,000″ it will bring up well over 100 articles from the N.Y. Times . You will first have to click an “option” to view sensitive material…the most sensitive on the net.

    WARNING:I dont mean to sound an alarmist,but I assume you reside in America. Only from the U.S. should you spread this info,the most well researched website Ive ever seen….If you were to reside in CANADA,AUSTRALIA,the U.K. ,Germany,or any number of European nations,and you get caught spreading public record info(old news papers articles)…you will go to PRISON,not just for a few months,but innocent scholars,historians,scientists ,ect languish for years in prison for looking for TRUTH…America is the last place you can see this.

    here is the website,the researcher Black Rabbit,is not a Jew,and not a NAZI,he just enjoys the hobby.


    I then recommend watching this video,PERSECUTION OF THE REVISIONISTS MUST STOP.

  8. How is that relevant to Alex Jones,Rhoades,Santelli,ect..?It is critical,anyway.I got to get 2 work,beback.

  9. Forgot to link this article from VETERANS TODAY….it really is just a matter of telling the difference between Silverstein and Smith…and who control this country…banks,congress,education,culture,immigration,and that is just the tip of the iceberg..


  10. political adviser to Presidents,plural,and attended the Versailles treaty…very important speech…he tries to warn Americans

  11. Being an Indian mix,I really dont identify with racism ,but Pastor Wickstrom,who teaches the Word of Yahweh,interviews Rabbi Finkelstein,a prominent N.Y. Rabbi,it is a rare glimpse into what is going on in the age old struggle of Judaism vs Christianity

    [audio src="http://antimatrix.org/Convert/Books/Audio/Rabbi_Abe_Finkelstein_Interview/Rabbi_Abe_Finkelstein_Interview.mp3" /]

  12. I enjoy reading your blog. I just know that AJ is a deceitful person. Anyway, thank you for sharing the story

  13. Hatrick,
    Hello , good blog.
    I echo sentiments of an earlier comment-good you got wise before too much damage was done.
    I heard Pete Santilli when he was picked up by RBN for a few months. I was turned off by the belligerent arrogance and a type of grandstanding without getting to his point.I don’t trust people with that choice of on air persona.His continual reference and praise of A.J. was the tip of for me. what I want to ask you is perhaps off topic .It is about RBN. They ,rather the host of nat intel report interviews Mack and Rhodes often and speaks of them with reverence. I know they both speak in half truths and I am always surprised when they are invited to return.I am starting to think that all leading Patriot radio is fixed. As in the fix is in?Do you have any thoughts or opinions on the topic of RBN; Republic Broadcast Network?
    Thank you.

    • Well I can tell you is this: RBN and Oracle are stationed in the same Texas town…at least Bob Tuskin admitted this when a caller called into his then Oracle radio show. Bob said it was a coincidence. Now Bob is broadcasting on RBN, or so I am told. See how it works. I call it a shill network/trolls den. Its of epic proportions and everyone who is faced with this fact goes into a deep state of denial. I do believe the ‘patriot’ movement is 100% controlled opposition…making lists and checking them twice, and infiltrating legit organizations when they do exist. Best to be a one-man militia or form one with close friends and family. There was/is a ‘resistance radio’ which is very aggressive, suggestive, tones of violence and violent uprising….this is just like Operation: Hoodwink from the 50s. They want folks to get riled up and do something stupid so they can crack down even more. I have a lecture/article on Hoodwink if you put it in the searchbox….AJ and Pete are part of this….along with Piers Morgan and the guns scare-up crowd and the DHS bullet purchase fear mongers…now look at all the guns sold…if they wanted a ‘powder keg’ type situation, they now have one….plus lots of profits.
      Anyway, I don’t trust ANY of the ‘official’ alternative media outlets/networks cos none of them go off on Plume-Gate like I do….check my latest article/post about that….
      Thanks for the comment~HP

  14. Hi tony,

    You may or may not remember me from the Scumtilli chat…I was the guy “banned ” after announcing my intention to leave the building, due to the fact that my postings were being altered with Scumtilli’s inserted anti Alex Jones rhetoric.

    Here is link to a summary of my adventures in Scuntilli land, recently “published” beforeitsnews.com And thats another story for another day.



    aka Cap-Z-ro

    • Excellent article and rings true with everything we now know about Pete Sanshilly. I’m told he works with the FBI and not in a good way. Right now we are exposing a guy on YT that anonymous revealed as a pedophile….there is a giant shilll network made up of deviant sex offenders and criminals….check my new website hatrickpenryunbound.com I have an article on the opening page…
      Keep your head up. You know who you are. They want to make you mad enough to engage in petty one on one…YOUR time is best spent writing, as obviously you can and few can anymore….keep exposing that loser. You know, when I satrted calling out the trolls Alex Thomas of The IntelHub called me a fuoride head, a full-scale liar and said I attacked a handicapped kid. The Julia Mitchel wrote an article and said I was COINTELPRO. The Ed Chiarini said I was 4 actors and then changed it and said I was 3 other people. Then Monotgraph on YouTube, Tatoot1009, dutchsinse and idahopicker have just recently began to slander me. My tactic is to respond once, if I must, but to instead ask folks to READ MY ARTICLES IF THEY WANT TO KNOW WHO I AM. Its very effective…I turn their attack around on them and advertise my articles! Any publicity is good publicity…I am told Montograph says I am a pedophile cos I exposed him as one. I don’t care cos its not true and the fool is drawing attention to PLume-Gate!!!
      take care-keep writing! ~HP

      • Hi again Tony,

        Thanks for the positive feedback.

        I notice that Scumtilli is still doing his “show” on youtube…is that his only outlet now ?

        Getting back to the child abuse issue, I don’t recall the scumster covering the issue, am I correct that he is also avoiding it ?

        Jones entered my shill radar once he called Icke a “turd in the punch cowl” of alternative media.

        Your awards show was quite entertaining…satire has long been my favorite tool to use against those tools.

        Keep doing that show, it could become a useful method of exposing shills.

        You missed out on some good material in the comments section of Scumtilli’s articles on beforeitsnews.

        Myself, StraightDopes, Middle Aged Mayhem, and some others I have not mention gave him and his back ups, the Scumtrolls a real good ass kicking.

        Honorable mention goes to Fat Bastard also.

        StraightDopes also posted up 2 different bio’s written up by Posel, along with examples of her plagiarizing various articles.

        All the best.


        Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2013 01:13:03 +0000 To: nodcam@hotmail.com

      • Shamtilly is doing a BlogTalkRadio show everyday at 2pm….people ask, why is he even bothering since he got exposed? many trolls/shills have been exposed yet continue to troll cos they only need to fool some of the people some of the time. Add up all those trolls…that’s a lot of fooling going on!!!! Those few of us who understand what’s going on can’t do jack about it anyway. Check out my article titled ‘The Four Herds’….it will explain a lot. ~HP

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