COINTELPRO Crash and Burn: Alex Jones, Mike Adams and Mark Dice are all in full damage control mode

COINTELPRO Crash and Burn: Alex Jones, Mike Adams and Mark Dice are all in full damage control mode

By Hatrick Penry


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 With the recent explosive evidence of InfoWars’ acquisition of former Stratfor employee Molly Maroney, what many now consider a massive COINTELPRO/CIA operation, consisting of some of the biggest names in ‘alternative’ media, appears to be crumbling before our very eyes. It certainly looks as if Alex Jones, Mike Adams and Mark Dice are in all-out damage control mode. Are they working together in an effort to cover for the self-proclaimed leader of ‘alternative’ media? Consider these recent facts:

1)      Molly-Gate breaks on November 20th, 2012 when MsSherriLea, an independent researcher on YouTube, posts a video titled “ALEX JONES Satanist 4 Stratfor ISRAEL Exposed” after she discovers that Molly Maroney has answered one of the emails she sent to InfoWars in an effort to have Tia Tequila on as a guest. MsSherriLea has been instrumental in revealing the cold fact that Infowars has hired an employee of the ‘global intelligence’ firm Stratfor which was founded in 1996 by George Friedman, an admitted Zionist.

2)      By the 4th of December, InfoWars is reeling from the effects of Molly-Gate as it spreads like wildfire over YouTube and the internet. Alex Jones, InfoWars, The IntelHub, NaturalNews, Mark Dice and many others have thus far remained silent on the matter. Some, like The IntelHub and Mark Dice, have been forwarded all the documented information but have chosen to withhold it from the public and remain silent.  Reports of comments about Molly-Gate being removed or blocked on InfoWars, PrisonPlanet and others are commonplace.

3 alex thomas on mollygate

3)      On the evening of December 4th, Mark Dice appears to go into full damage control mode for Alex Jones (remember his ‘calling out Alex Jones week’ where he refused to hold AJ accountable for remaining silent on Plume-Gate but instead chose to focus on Tangy Tangerine) when he posts a video on YouTube titled “MTV’s Tila Tequila’s illuminati Insanity”. The video, for all intents and purposes, is a carefully worded ad hominem attack on Tila Tequila in an attempt to discredit her and make it appear as if she is mentally unstable. The effect is to create the illusion that Tila would be an unworthy guest for Alex Jones, after all Mr. Dice describes her as a ‘brain damaged bisexual bimbo’…now who would want someone like that on their broadcast? The problem is they failed to consider the fact that Mark Dice has remained silent on Molly-Gate, even though he maintains that he is at odds with Alex Jones, and this has totally discredited him. Add this to the obvious Tila Tequila attack video, timed just perfectly, and the connection that Mark Dice could only be trying to cover for Alex Jones was easily made.

md tia 8md tia 11

4)      That evening, I publish a video on YouTube that spells out the connection I just described to you. The video is titled “Mark Dice Works for Alex Jones. Period.” By morning there is a comment on my thread that Mr. Dice has posted a video doing damage control over my video. His new vid is titled: “Mark Dice Exposed as CIA Agent!!! Working for Stratfor!!!!” Here is what Mr. Dice says his video is about: “Some say I secretly work for the CIA because I “attack” and discredit the conspiracy crackpot king Alex Jones by exposing his terrorism teasing false flag fanatical fear mongering and his “everything is a conspiracy” website. Others say I work for the CIA WITH HIM because I haven’t debunked him good enough by jumping on the story about his graphic designer Molly Maroney being a former intern for Stratfor, a known CIA front. Get your “Mark Dice Works for the CIA” conspiracy theories straight, people! Do I work for the CIA to debunk him because he’s a danger to the establishment, or to protect him because we’re both secretly CIA agents trying to keep you from learning the truth? It can’t be both! Of course, rational, non-mentally ill people realize it’s neither, but that’s no fun.”

5)      During this week on the 3rd of December, I also release a video and blog post with screencaptures titled: “Mike Adams turns Orwellian: Secretly modifies article after I call him out on it.” In the video/article I offer evidence that after I questioned Mr. Adams’ motive from an article he wrote in April, wherein he called for the “armed citizens’ arrest of DNR officials”,  he snuck back in and modified the most incriminating sentence so he wouldn’t look so guilty. Just like Winston did in George Orwell’s book ‘1984’. I also mention in the video that my WordPress blog was hacked and in an article titled “’Former’ CIA and Military asset General Albert Stubblebind owns NaturalNews!” the key paragraph wherein I tied General Albert Stubblebind in as the owner of NaturalNews was removed.

12.53 mike adams12.50 armed citizens arrest

6)      On the following day, December 4th, Mike Adams publishes the fluff piece titled: “Adams on courage and integrity: A message to all truth-tellers who refuse to be silenced by the status quo.” Check out some of these quotes from his article: “What takes real leadership and courage is to question things that don’t add up and dare to investigate and report whatever truths might be found. People like Alex Jones routinely question the false realities of government and economics that are pushed onto a gullible population.” AND “Jones, Rockwell, Roberts, Griffin, Icke, Quayle, Celente, Keiser, Null, Mercola, Cummins, Smith, Perkins and many more… these people exercise courage. They dare to do what the vast majority of others refuse to do: Speak out forcefully on the real problems facing our world… and the necessarily “radical” solutions to save our world from tragedy in every area that matters….” AND “Alex Jones cares about humanity as much as anybody I’ve ever met. He sounds really angry on the air, but that’s only because he really, truly cares about the future of humanity.” AND “Alex Jones built his media empire himself, one radio broadcast at a time, to the point where it is now the #1 alternative media outlet in the world. I respect people who build what I call “empires of influence” without selling out. Natural News has been built the same way: Started from nothing, no investors, no corporate string-pullers and nothing but pure dedication, hard work and the support of millions of readers and activists who put us on the map. I have no boss, folks, which is exactly why I can tell the truth and keep on telling it. My only boss is you, the readers, and I will never, ever betray you and the principles we share about health, organic food, GMO labeling, home gardening and so on.” AND “Natural News is not for sale, and my loyalty to the ideas I promote and share with readers is also not for sale. This absolutely confounds the corporate elists who think everything has a (financial) price. They’re wrong. The human soul is not for sale, and those of us who are truly in touch with our souls are utterly immune to financial seduction.” AND “You want to make sense of the world? Listen to real people, not corporate shills. Don’t read newsstand magazines or the websites of mainstream newspapers. Read new media websites like Natural News, Infowars,, Drudge Report or some of the other sites I’ve mentioned here. is also excellent.” Mr. Adams even goes on to offer advice: “Tell the truth. Don’t play games with your readers. Don’t hide things from them. Respect their intelligence and they will respect yours. Don’t try to fib, or fudge or deceive. Correct mistakes you’ve made when they are brought to your attention.” AND “Grasp the responsibility and ethics of obtaining a position of influence. The bigger your audience, the deeper your obligation to make sure you’re getting your stories straight and empowering others with real information. Learn to ferret out attempts by others to exploit you or hoax you with bad information.”

4 stubble

Please read the full article by Mike Adams, knowing what you know about his Orwellian style of operation, his lack of being forthright about the owner of NN in his fluff-piece and his failure to mention Molly-Gate, and ask yourself: do you really trust these guys?

Many of you are aware of my complaints of media malpractice against InfoWars, NaturalNews and The IntelHub…I even show proof that InfoWars removed my name from two quotes and never made a correction. I have accused NaturalNews of plagiarizing my article. The IntelHub modified my titles and removed words from sentences implicating InfoWars/PrisonPlanet as dragging their feet with the NRC FOIA documents pertaining to Fukushima and Plume-Gate. After reading his article, don’t you think Mr. Adams is laying it on a bit thick?

And consider that only now has Mark Dice finally had Molly-Gate dragged out of him kicking and screaming after countless complaints against him.

What kind of ‘alternative’ media is this? And what does all this mean? I can only conclude that this is no alternative media at all, but a massive COINTELPRO operation, which by all appearances is crumbling before our eyes. Consider it an early Christmas present. ~HP

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I nearly completed my AA degree at Santa Fe College, but when I had to teach my 24 year old Political Science teacher throughout the course…culminating in a test with the name Khomeini spelled wrong (it WAS the right answer, but it was spelled wrong), I knew that quality teachers were on their way out, and cheaper ones were on their way in. Some of my professors could not speak fluent English. I decided to concentrate on my education, instead of my schooling. My education would have to continue on my own although I did have some teachers worth mentioning: English: Dr. Winkle and Dr. D’Ortona; Anthropology: Dr Stuart MacRae; Guitar: Jeff ‘Lightning’ Ladenheim (also instructed my brother Dave on guitar); Mathematics: Dr. Tim McGraw; Philosophy: Dr. Bradley…I remember you guys forever. Thank you for shaping and molding me into the proper form. I began to believe in a divine creator only recently…after studying complexity, evolution, creationism, matrix philosophy (Google: Spider goat and monkey with 5 parents for examples of creationism happening right now) and the singularity. When I found that the name ‘Jesus’ is not the true name of the Messiah I really began to wonder…why would they hide his name if he was never real or genuine? When I began to pray to Yahuah (the Father) and Yahusha (the Son) things began to change for me. I really felt as if guided by an unseen hand. I prayed to do battle with my enemies on a level field. I was about to go for the ride of my life. This is when I was picked up by The Intel Hub to write for the ‘alternative’ media. Not long after I broke the ‘Plume-Gate’ story, I discovered the ‘alternative’ media had been largely infiltrated. I knew this when my articles were modified and tampered with, up to the point where Alex Jones quoted me, but gave credit to Alexander Higgins. Of course, I had already written two articles (the one questioning Jones I wrote under an assumed name-Hatrick Penry) questioning Jones and others: ‘Plume-Gate Shocker: Media Silence raises Troubling Questions’ and the ever-popular ‘Operation Mockingbird Style Alternative Media Infiltration Exposed’. The name Muga, if searched, would lead you right to these thought provoking stories. I found out you are not allowed to criticize or question the alternative media and when I did begin to ask about why my stories had been modified/tampered with, The Intel Hub co-founder, Alex Thomas, deleted over 40+ articles I had written in one fell swoop. My questions remained unanswered. I carefully documented all my experiences and have multiple videos and essays where I tell the whole story. And I am writing a book. Everyone needs to know that the alternative media is corrupt. Your depth sound is the Plume-Gate cover-up, the largest provable conspiracy known to mankind, with thousands of fatalities as a result of criminal negligence and yet, no one wants to showcase this in the alternative media. Not much of an alternative if you ask me. Recently, I have found several figureheads in the independent media are controlled opposition as well. Deception is at an all-time high. On the bright side, I realized that the alternative media had been infiltrated and coopted just like the mainstream media or any genuine movement or organization, for that matter. Since then I have taken it upon myself to be one of the few critics of alternative news media and guess what happened to me then? I guess I got too close to the truth, and I was attacked and slandered by several shady characters online; if you follow in my footsteps it will happen to you as well. They are there waiting for you right now and if you get close enough to the truth they will do their best to discredit and disillusion you. Expect to be slandered (they know there is no policing of the net, so slander away!) and have false accusations leveled against you. I have come to know that this is what the trolls, shills, gatekeepers and disinformation agents do for a living. And your taxes pay them a salary. What can you do about it? Retort to the accusations once, if you must, but keep your head up and continue letting your good works speak for you. The truth will always win out. Always. They know this and want to discourage you from participating in any effort that would bring positive change to this world. I am currently writing ‘Alternative Media Meltdown’, a book about my experiences, and am available on a limited basis for interviews or radio shows IF you are legit. I’d also like to host a radio show, but I have found most broadcasting networks are carefully controlled and they decide who gets in and who doesn’t. If you talk about Plume-Gate and the Alternative Media infiltration, you likely will never be interviewed. Also please visit my YouTube channel, or find me on FaceBook. Peace and Love- HP FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos and articles may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. 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  1. Alex Jone’s IP address is registered with….guess what…..STRATFOR.COM!

    • hey can you give me a link?….I pulled a link yesterday cos the vid didn’t go all the way to making that connection, but I have heard this and know that MsSherrieLea is all over it….this would be blockbuster!

  2. why did the font and form structure change along with the sentence that you allege M.Adams changed? I don’t doubt these things happen but it doesn’t even appear to be a screen capture and there is no way to ID it as you have not time stamp or water marks.

  3. Hatrick.. if you want to go after AJ, you’ll have to take out his minion Mike Adams and his partner first. Read my article and if you’re interested, I’ll help you go after Santilli the Posels and the rest (almost all of them as there are but a handful of us that really understand the dynamics of infiltrations. You’re on my same page and suggest you contact me using the email at the end of this article:

    feel free to link to this article and forward to anyone you feel needs to know what I’m doing about infowars/prisonplanet naturalnews and the rest..

    • Just search my blog for Mike Adams or NaturalNews and you’ll find I’ve already exposed him and Genral Stubblebind as best I can.
      btw- I have read you article….very well done and I will bookmark to spread around….excellent work my friend!
      You can also reach me at
      Thanks for the comment. ~HP

  4. jose calantes

    it’s like them saying, “i gotta keep my deception credibility up” BY THROWING DESTRUCTIVE WORDS AGAINST EACH OTHER while keeping their disinformation business up within the “Operation Mockingbird” arena…these people, whom at first I religiously followed and anticipated on, are actually fucking Communists and down-to-hell deceivers.

    I even once left a comment in Alex jones’ FB page, questioning Jesse Ventura’s credibility in truth telling, which I tried to check after three days, then to my surprise, it suddenly disintegrated! They tried to avoid my question regarding former governor Ventura, which made me start being suspicious on Alex Jones.

    • Jesse Ventura, like Alex Jones, won’t report on the NRC FOIA documents that prove of a massive. multi-agency cover-up, the world’s largest provable.
      You might enjoy this bit of satire of mine that centers on Jesse and AJ:

  5. I have noticed that for the last month or so there have not been any articles posted at IW’s from Mike Adams. Did they have a falling out?

    Also, Alex seems to have a love affair with Peter G. Schiff. WE know his family name and involvement with our economic enslavement, and financing wars and communist movements around the world.

    • If memory serves someone on FaceBook told me Mr. Schiff dismissed the Plume-Gate cover-up offhand just as Michael C. Ruppert first did.

      I do not keep up with InfoWars these days except to scan the titles of their vids on YT.
      I am not a big fan of Mr. Adams but have more respect for him than I do AJ.

      The insanity of it all is that radiation affects all these guys too…its a common foe for us all to unite over…when are they going to figure this out?

      Thanks for the comment~HP

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