Plume-Gate Tales from the Script Part 3: Data Mining, a “CNN Moment” and ‘Teflon’ Obama

Plume-Gate Tales from the Script Part 3: Data Mining, a “CNN Moment” and ‘Teflon’ Obama

By Tony Muga aka: Hatrick Penry

In a series of emails contained within the NRC FOIA Documents, I have found an excellent example of how the industry monitors what the public knows, in this case in the form of public opinion via local news articles, so they can do their best at damage control. They want to know the moment something negative about the industry is published, the moment it takes off on the net.

This is a disturbing example of the true intentions of our fascist state, to protect industry at all costs, and the ‘big brother’ type mentality we have all grown so weary of. Notice also the reference to ‘FOIA Response.hoc Resource’…it certainly appears as if they have a unit set up to deal specifically with that pesky little thing called the Freedom of Information Act. The ’data mining’ emails read: (emphasis added by author):


From: LIA05 Hoc

Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 5:16 PM

To: FOIA Response.hoc Resource

Subject: FW:

From: Coons, Albert [email removed for privacy reasons]

Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 10:23 AM

To: LIA05

Subject: RE:


I googled the subject rainwater and nuclear. Several articles showed up citing that fallout from Japan has been seen in rainwater across the U.S. I will make an inquiry this afternoon on the call with the hill.

From: [email removed for privacy reasons] On behalf of LIA05

Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 10:16 AM

To: Coons, Albert; Feight, Dan

Subject: RE:

Can we have someone find out so we can report it to the OPS center?

From: Coons, Albert [email removed for privacy reasons]

Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 10:14 AM

To: LIA05 Hoc

Subject: RE:

The news has been stating that minimal amounts of Iodine 131 has been detected in the precipitation in several cities. I did not read the news articles. This is rumor.

[Author’s note: please remember that the EPA did its best to obfuscate testing in the US, but because of the NRC FOIA documents we can clearly see that by March 22nd the Diablo canyon facility had detected trace amounts, and they didn’t want this inconvenient fact advertised.]

In an email Kenneth Riemer sent out on the 22nd of March, 2011 titled: ‘sites monitoring for effects from Japan’  there can be little doubt that more than a few on the inside knew that fallout had already reached US shores (found on page 50 of this 1005 page document):

Should you hear of anything your licensees [nuclear plants] are doing or planning to monitor for any detectable activity from the Japanese events, that would be good info to pass along on our branch call.

Don’t go out of your way looking for this info, .as it’s just a general awareness type of deal. I think everyone has heard that Diablo Canyon detected (barely) stuff from the Japanese event. There was some thought that Kewaunee might be also trying to see if there was anything detectable by their plant/staff.”

At this point one must conclude they are in full-denial-and-leak-containment-mode. They want to know if any nuclear plant in the US is testing for Fukushima fallout, and that information is to be passed along to damage control operatives. My understanding is that nuclear plants in the US test all the time for radiation of all types; they have to, to protect the workers  in case there is an undetected release of radiation from that specific plant. In the Chernobyl disaster, neighboring countries detected the fallout, eliminated their country as a source, and then contacted U.S.S.R. authorities.  The Russians finally admitted to the meltdown, but historical data proves they knew all along.]


From: [email withheld for privacy reasons] On behalf of LIA05 Hoc

Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 10:00 AM

To: Feighert, Dan; Coons, Albert


Have you heard anything about the radiation issues in PA or other states?

[crossed out here, and in other places is a stamped warning: ******FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY******DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF THE FEDERAL FAMILY]

From: LIA05 Hoc

Sent: Wednesday,, March 30, 2011 4:15 PM

To: FOIA Response.hoc Resource

Subject: FW: Chambersburg Public Opinion: Retired engineer in Greencastle says Japan’s nuclear plant poses little threat to Franklin County

From: [email withheld for privacy reasons]

Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 2:07 PM

To: LIA05 Hoc

Subject: Chambersburg Public Opinion: Retired engineer in Greencastle says Japan’s nuclear plant poses little threat to Franklin County

This article was emailed to you by: [Wierman, Kenneth. Email withheld for privacy reasons]

I thought you might find this article of interest.

Retired engineer in Greenville says Japan’s nuclear plant poses little threat to Franklin County-Public Opinion Online

By ROSCOE BARNES III Staff writer GREENCASTLE—In light of the nuclear power plant crisis in Japan, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have the milk in this area tested for radiation, according to a retired engineer who served on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. View Full Story.

Most E-Mailed

(from the last 12 hours)

  1. 1.       Volvo to add 220 jobs to Shippensburg plant
  2. 2.       PO GUEST ESSAY: Lawmakers consider gas infrastructure, markets
  3. 3.       Retired engineer in Greencastle says Japan’s nuclear plant poses…
  4. 4.       Chambersburg’s Elm Street program, Franklin County tourism face deep…
  5. 5.       Student missing from school found asleep at home



[author’s note: the above website is centered on Chambersburg,PA]

Clearly, we are seeing how they monitor, real time, what the American public knows and what is being published or discussed, to any real degree. It’s all about damage control and knowing what to respond to and when to respond to it. When unsettling information finds its way into the public sector…they want to take measures as soon as possible to mitigate the damage. What is rule number one of ‘Plume-Gate Club’? You don’t talk about ‘Plume-Gate Club’. What is rule number two of ‘Plume-Gate Club’? You don’t talk about ‘Plume-Gate Club’!

A “CNN Moment”

On page 118 of a 502 page document located at the NRC website, an April 1st, 2011 email reveals that the NRC recommended Tepco NOT flood reactors because the resulting video images of the effects of doing so would cause controversy.Tepco obliged. Here’s the relevant quote from the email which can be seen in its entirety, for free, at the NRC FOIA document page linked above:

“ – TEPCO and GoJ made a decision not to flood the reactors, which was the NRC recommendation, (in part because they were concerned with a “CNN moment” (pressure might build during the flood and there would be a visible vent), but they appear to be managing things and are on a good glide-path. Not as ideal as if they had flooded, but “they [TEPCO] might be right.””

So there you have it folks, rather than do the right thing, Tepco decided that risking invisible radiation is better than a ‘visible vent’ and the NRC sat idle and did nothing. Were lives lost because efforts to look good on mainstream media required that critical mitigation procedures, the flooding of super-heated reactors, go undone?  If this procedure was ‘not as ideal as if they had flooded’ then why not flood the reactor and deal with the consequences regardless of what CNN airs-who cares if it looks bad, are not these agencies tasked with our safety? Isn’t saving lives of the utmost importance? It’s painfully apparent that their concern lies first and foremost with protecting their corporate masters.

Teflon Obama

In the FOIA documents, at least in the 2,000 odd pages I have combed through, there is a complete absence of any reference to the title ‘President’ or ‘Mr. President’ or the name ‘Obama’. Considering this is the greatest industrial accident of all time, and considering there is a mountain of evidence that the White House was briefed on a regular basis by the NRC and other agencies, how can it be that no one, no one at all makes any mention of the man who occupies the highest office in the land? There are speakers referred to as ‘male participant’ and heavy redacting at critical moments, but no direct link showing Obama had any idea we were in danger. In his initial press conference, the President was careful to lay the blame square at the feet of the NRC, CDC and other ‘experts’ who he quoted as advising him of this or advising him of that. So while we may assume or infer that he had to have known (can a President be so incompetent or surrounded with such liars or incompetence that he wouldn’t know of the reality of plume/fallout?), as of yet I have found no direct proof or evidence of this.

Plume-Gate Part 4 forthcoming…

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I began a search for the truth, a search for life after death and a search for an explanation of what we call ‘life’. I really did make an about-face change after 2005, it didn’t happen all at once; first I had to shun all the ‘friends’ I had ever known. They still used drugs and drank heavily, something I was determined to be done with. Just like a prisoner can’t rehab in a prison full of criminals, I could never get myself clean because I continued to associate with the wrong characters. So I ditched them. After a while they realized I was never coming back and quit coming by my house and knocking on a door I would never answer again. My agnostic tendencies were slowly fading away as I began a rigorous course of study-online and with books, lots of books. I nearly completed my AA degree at Santa Fe College, but when I had to teach my 24 year old Political Science teacher throughout the course…culminating in a test with the name Khomeini spelled wrong (it WAS the right answer, but it was spelled wrong), I knew that quality teachers were on their way out, and cheaper ones were on their way in. Some of my professors could not speak fluent English. I decided to concentrate on my education, instead of my schooling. My education would have to continue on my own although I did have some teachers worth mentioning: English: Dr. Winkle and Dr. D’Ortona; Anthropology: Dr Stuart MacRae; Guitar: Jeff ‘Lightning’ Ladenheim (also instructed my brother Dave on guitar); Mathematics: Dr. Tim McGraw; Philosophy: Dr. Bradley…I remember you guys forever. Thank you for shaping and molding me into the proper form. I began to believe in a divine creator only recently…after studying complexity, evolution, creationism, matrix philosophy (Google: Spider goat and monkey with 5 parents for examples of creationism happening right now) and the singularity. When I found that the name ‘Jesus’ is not the true name of the Messiah I really began to wonder…why would they hide his name if he was never real or genuine? When I began to pray to Yahuah (the Father) and Yahusha (the Son) things began to change for me. I really felt as if guided by an unseen hand. I prayed to do battle with my enemies on a level field. I was about to go for the ride of my life. This is when I was picked up by The Intel Hub to write for the ‘alternative’ media. Not long after I broke the ‘Plume-Gate’ story, I discovered the ‘alternative’ media had been largely infiltrated. I knew this when my articles were modified and tampered with, up to the point where Alex Jones quoted me, but gave credit to Alexander Higgins. Of course, I had already written two articles (the one questioning Jones I wrote under an assumed name-Hatrick Penry) questioning Jones and others: ‘Plume-Gate Shocker: Media Silence raises Troubling Questions’ and the ever-popular ‘Operation Mockingbird Style Alternative Media Infiltration Exposed’. The name Muga, if searched, would lead you right to these thought provoking stories. I found out you are not allowed to criticize or question the alternative media and when I did begin to ask about why my stories had been modified/tampered with, The Intel Hub co-founder, Alex Thomas, deleted over 40+ articles I had written in one fell swoop. My questions remained unanswered. I carefully documented all my experiences and have multiple videos and essays where I tell the whole story. And I am writing a book. Everyone needs to know that the alternative media is corrupt. Your depth sound is the Plume-Gate cover-up, the largest provable conspiracy known to mankind, with thousands of fatalities as a result of criminal negligence and yet, no one wants to showcase this in the alternative media. Not much of an alternative if you ask me. Recently, I have found several figureheads in the independent media are controlled opposition as well. Deception is at an all-time high. On the bright side, I realized that the alternative media had been infiltrated and coopted just like the mainstream media or any genuine movement or organization, for that matter. Since then I have taken it upon myself to be one of the few critics of alternative news media and guess what happened to me then? I guess I got too close to the truth, and I was attacked and slandered by several shady characters online; if you follow in my footsteps it will happen to you as well. They are there waiting for you right now and if you get close enough to the truth they will do their best to discredit and disillusion you. Expect to be slandered (they know there is no policing of the net, so slander away!) and have false accusations leveled against you. I have come to know that this is what the trolls, shills, gatekeepers and disinformation agents do for a living. And your taxes pay them a salary. What can you do about it? Retort to the accusations once, if you must, but keep your head up and continue letting your good works speak for you. The truth will always win out. Always. They know this and want to discourage you from participating in any effort that would bring positive change to this world. I am currently writing ‘Alternative Media Meltdown’, a book about my experiences, and am available on a limited basis for interviews or radio shows IF you are legit. I’d also like to host a radio show, but I have found most broadcasting networks are carefully controlled and they decide who gets in and who doesn’t. If you talk about Plume-Gate and the Alternative Media infiltration, you likely will never be interviewed. Also please visit my YouTube channel, or find me on FaceBook. Peace and Love- HP FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos and articles may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. 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